Marlborough Fly Fishing Show this weekend!

The last minute prep at currentseams headquarters is finished, and the show doors are about to open. So much to see and do (and buy), but I hope you’ll find the time to come see me speak or tie or teach. Here’s my complete schedule:

2 comments on “Marlborough Fly Fishing Show this weekend!

  1. bill manser says:

    just checked the reg’s and you can’t use more than 2 hooks in mass. so your 3 fly suggestion won’t fly. (lol) great presentation as always – glad i brought others to this well-attended event.

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Bill. Thanks for commenting and I’m delighted you enjoyed the show (and that you brought others!) Bummer about the two hooks, but the best solution is of course to use a two fly team. Tightest of lines. 🙂

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