Currently on the vise: Squirmy Wormy Jiggy Thingy

It’s a Squirmy Worm. It’s a jig nymph. It’s a shameful fly. It’s all of the above, and I love it.

This fly comes from Toby Lapinski — who first showed it to me on a small stream outing in December. The brookies went nuts for it. Toby tells me he riffed off similar patterns, added a collar for added contrast, et voila! You have this horrible wonderfulness. I’m going to try jigging this with a soft hackle dropper above it on some small streams this spring. I would also think this pattern will drive steelhead out of their tiny minds.

This is a simple tie. You need a jig hook (12-14), chartreuse tungsten bead (1/8″), pink worm material (Toby uses Hareline Caster’s Squirmito) and some black peacock Ice Dub.

4 comments on “Currently on the vise: Squirmy Wormy Jiggy Thingy

  1. Tom Poloski says:

    Steve look into FNF Jumbo Chewing Gum material for the body. I prefer their Prawn color. The material is very “buggy” and has alot of action in the water.

  2. JOSEPH GANUN says:

    Why is a squirmy so maligned by the purists, all of whom feel free to use ants, grasshoppers, spiders, mice or any other crawly to entice our favorite quarry. I have plenty of success with small traditional nymphs in tandem with these. No shame .

    • Steve Culton says:

      I assume it’s a rhetorical question. :-). I tend not to fish them, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I’d rather catch a steelhead on a soft-hackle, but I’ll use a bead — or a rubbery worm thing — if that’s what it takes.

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