It’s a Fine Nine Hundred Followers Celebration!

Happy Wednesday, fellow Currentseamsers. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so let’s share the love as we celebrate reaching the 900 followers mark! Suffice to say I couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you for being part of the Fine Nine Hundred. As usual, we’re doing a flies-tied-by-Steve giveaway. Here are the rules:

1) No purchase necessary.

2) You must be a follower of currentseams to enter. (If you’re not one already, you become a follower by clicking on the Sign Me Up button below the “Follow Blog via Email” header, at the top right if you’re on a laptop, and at the bottom of the scroll on a mobile device.

3) To enter, leave a comment on this thread that responds to at least one of these questions: What would you like me to write about? What questions about fly fishing or tying can I answer? What flies that I tie would you like to see video of? One entry per person. Deadline for entering is 11:59pm February 28, 2022. Three winners will be chosen at random. The winners will be notified in the comments section of this thread or by email, and will be responsible for sending me their address so I can ship the flies out. Sorry, I can only ship to U.S. addresses.

4) All decisions by me are final.

Thanks again for reading and following currentseams.

As Steve Winwood sang, “Gimme some lovin’…”

39 comments on “It’s a Fine Nine Hundred Followers Celebration!

  1. Greg Tarris says:

    How and what do you fish when the water is high or murky like after heavy rain(s)?

  2. Alex Argyros says:

    I would like to see more articles on drop shot nymphing.

  3. glenndotterer says:

    Thanks for all your emails, also really enjoyed tuning in to one of your zoom sessions a while back.
    I was wondering if you would consider doing a tying video on a wet fly that would have the bead (glass, brass, tungsten, etc.) BEHIND the collar as a thorax to keep the partridge or Brahma hen flared for a little more action? I saw a couple of examples online, looked interesting, but haven’t found a video on that style yet. Thanks.

    P.S. Hope I win your flies!!

  4. Andrew Attias says:

    Hi, Steve. I’d like a little more discussion about reading different water types and choosing amongst the various wet fly presentations. When to switch approaches and when to switch locations if you’re not connecting.

  5. Toby Lapinski says:

    I’d love to see a video on the RLS Rat-a-Tat. A fly like that almost makes me want to swing a fly rod in search of stripers. Almost.

  6. Michael Silfen says:


    Several years ago you did a piece on tying flies for steelhead and how to rig up. In fact, I cut out the how to rig up diagram and have it taped to my steelhead fly box. How about a version 2.0? I know you focus on three(s) under an indicator. How about setting up for swinging for steelhead? When to use this technique etc.? Followed by some additional Great Lakes steelhead patterns.


  7. Bill Giokas says:

    Why do you use only use a single handed rod and do a two handed rod?

  8. Thom says:

    Hi Steve. I never fished wet flies and would like to know when and how to fish them.

  9. SC Morse says:

    I truly appreciate your comments on and explanations of materials and how best to use them such as the recent one on hen hackle. More posts on materials would be a most welcome learning experience.

  10. Paul Rice says:

    When tying small Spiders and or Wets, is there really a difference? Big wets are often easier to tie, butvthe small ones, <16 give me heartburn finishing up. I suspect the "less is more" is what i struggle with and would LUV a video of you methods

    That for all you do


  11. Ray Hamilton says:

    Congratulations Steve reaching the big 900. You’re certainly a star shining ever brightly on the horizon. I’m not going to enter the competition for your flies because as you remember I have already won some of them and I know how exciting it was so I would not want to prevent another lucky and deserving person from receiving some. Carry on,

  12. Ron Ragaini says:

    I would like to see more stories about blue line fishing, ,tackle, tactics and reading the water

  13. Jeffrey Kellish says:

    Tips and tying techniques for Spiders and wets in general. I’ve been fly fishing saltwater since 1990 and started fishing the Upper Delaware last May with some friends who know it well. I also fished some Lake Erie tribs in November for first time Steelhead. Looking to up my Trout and river Smallie game. Also any tips or resource info on how to find and fish blue line water. Big thanks for all you do for our fly fishing community.

  14. Keith Daniels says:

    I’d like to see a video on some of the striper techniques. Reading water especially off the beach. I cant wait to try the 3 fly rig for them this spring. Not sure I can handle swinging 3 but I will try 2 initially as that is what I do while trout fishing. Other things pretty much anything Steelhead although some spey flies for them would be nice.

  15. David J. Lee says:

    Congrats on 900 !! And Thank you for your always enlightening writing .

    What would I like you to write about ? Whatever you feel like writing about .

  16. Jorge Rodriguez says:

    How about some ideas for non-clouser style weighted flatwing flies?

  17. Congratulations on 900 followers Steve! Sign me up for the drawing please. I’d love to see a video or a write up on early season fly choices for trout. Thanks!

  18. David Deitz says:

    So, congrats on 900 Steve! Well deserved. On your first 2 questions, I’d like to see a little more on approaching new water – what factors do you focus on (like flow, shade, water temp, structure, etc), and how do you then rig a team to take advantage? Would love to see you do a video on a totally new stream segment that you haven’t fished before. On the 3rd, maybe videos on tying your favorite terrestrials? I’ve started to fish more ants in the summer. Can always learn more there.

  19. Brendan says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for all the great content over the years, and for promoting the use of the floating line in striper fishing. I have really enjoyed using the floating line in recent years… sometimes it’s more effective, sometimes not, but it is always a fun way to fish! I would like to see more tying videos of flatwing flies and to hear about your process for exploring and finding new locations to fish in saltwater… no need to burn particular spots, but info on how you research, scout, etc.

  20. Larry Gaska says:

    Hi Steve, Enjoy every one of your posts. Congratulatios on hitting the 900 mark; the rest don’t know what they’re missing! How about some advice on trout sized flat wings?

  21. James J Berry says:

    I have followed you for some time, used your suggestion about using a wet with the beginning stages of a hatch, or when the no see ums show up and fish are feeding but keeping in mind except for Hendrickson’s, sulfurs which peter out the Iso , bwo and caddis are what is left, and it seems that these hatches can be sparse so with no action visible
    I have gone to fishing wets as searching patterns if you will. I use a ginger bead as my point and whatever else I feel might work. I use two and three fly rigs and work them all kinds of ways.
    The result is some very large fish out of nowhere smacking my rig. I also use wets with a tight line rod with a drop shot. I used to use wets you know as part of the arsenal, but now they are
    on top of the shelf especially on the Farmington.

  22. James J Berry says:

    Oh, and congratulations on reaching 900. 1000 is right down the road.

  23. Rich Rubin says:

    I would like to see you tie your favorite sand ell flies

  24. apurbano57 says:

    Hi Steve,

    Congratulations on reaching 900 subscribers! A commendable achievement. Shows your passion for fly fishing and tying. Following you passion foe fishing wets and soft hackles. I would love to see you do a video series on fishing them upstream, across and down, down and across on the swing. I love fishing these style of flies. It brings a certain calm to the sport when most are tightlining. Thanks for your dedication.

  25. Tommy DelFarno says:

    Congrats on 900 Steve. I’d like to see a video of you tying a flatwing squid fly. It would also be cool if you wrote more about Block Island Stripers. The BIAN’s from a few years back are great reads.

  26. Jim Majka says:

    Congrats on another milestone Steve – always enjoy reading your insights and love the sense of humor too! Ideas to write about: When tying flies, do you ever have days where your fingers are like a fine surgeon, yet other days where you feel like all thumbs (you know, like when your attempted size 24 midge ends up looking like a sloppy size 16 caddis pupa)? Usually tying is pretty straightforward, but sometimes I just have to walk away and try again next time….. interested in your perspectives on tying issues. tribulations, outright messes and other factors that may affect the end product

  27. Gary Anderson says:

    Tying streamers for trout

  28. […] enter the 900 followers contest — but you’ve got to be a follower, and you need to leave a comment on the original post. Thanks to everyone who’s entered — I appreciate your feedback! I may do a Zoom around […]

  29. David Studeman says:

    One of your early Flatwing followers…always wanting more flatwing demos! Great blog!

  30. Josh says:

    Longtime follower – would love to hear your strategy for approaching a new stretch of salt water that you have never seen before – how do you initially identify potential spots and what determines where and when you fish them?

  31. bancroftmatt says:

    HI Steve – many congratulations on passing 900 followers in the rear view mirror and the rapidly approaching 1k mark. Very well deserved. I would be interested to read your thoughts on the relative importance of matching the hatch vs good presentation, natural vs synthetic materials for tying, your strategy for fishing new water that you have not fished before. For videos, it would be fun to see you tie some larger patterns for trout spey applications – swung, dead drift, stripped etc. Not sure that that is one of your preferred methods, but it is a lot of fun on larger water. All the best and thank you!

  32. Jeff says:

    How do you determine when and how much weight to use while swinging wets? Is it preferable to use bead heads rather than split shot on the leader? Thanks!

  33. Steve McNeil says:

    Hi Steve, congratulations on hitting 900 and closing in on 1,000!
    I tend to like the tactical topics you cover, i.e. targeting particular types of water, and when to change out lines/leaders based on response (or lack thereof).

  34. John S. says:

    I’m curious about how you approach new water that might not look promising. Thanks!

  35. Shawn says:

    I am interested in hearing more about fishing spiders for trout on small streams and some videos on tying small(ish) flies for stripers for evenings in the salt marsh when the weather finally warms.

  36. Steven Kloepfer says:

    Write more about tactics for fly fishing from shore at ocean beaches with surf

  37. Zachary Griefen says:

    Please enter me! Here in Puget Sound, the sea run cutthroat trout often feed on very small invertebrates, like a size 28. I’d love to read your thoughts on how to target fish feeding on small stuff near the surface. I’m also interested to know more about squid patterns. Thanks! Zak

  38. Kun says:

    I would like to read more about the difference in fly tying materials.

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