From the archives: “Soft Hackles for Winter Steelhead”

As you may know, I am currently occupied with getting ready for my oldest son’s wedding. In lieu of new material, I’m recycling some of my favorite posts from years past. Let’s continue on the steelhead kick (man, I really want to tie into some fresh chrome!). Six years after its publish date, Soft Hackles for Winter Steelhead remains relevant; I still use these flies, and whether swung or dead drifted along the bottom, they still catch fish.

Ever notice how 36-degree water doesn’t feel as cold when you’re releasing a steelhead?

2 comments on “From the archives: “Soft Hackles for Winter Steelhead”

  1. Steve Douville says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m up from South Carolina Steelhead fishing for 16 days. Today was day 5 of 16 catching a few loosing a few and most important having a blast.

    Caught a few in soft hackles😄

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