The shortest distance between two anglers is a hello

This has been happening more and more: I’m fishing near people, and later in the parking lot they come up to me and introduce themselves. That’s great, because I love meeting currentseams readers. But invariably they tell me that they didn’t say hello on the water because they didn’t want to “bother” me (the air quotes are mine). Folks, you’re not bothering me. Please introduce yourself.

Sure, if I’m guiding a client, I probably can’t have an extended conversation with you; that would be unfair to my client, who deserves my full attention. But it’s no secret that places like the Farmington River are more crowded than ever. Space in prime fishing marks is often scarce. So instead of me looking at you as a potential hostile invader — and vice versa — wouldn’t it be better if we could share the water without angst? Come say hello. If you’re looking for a place to fish, ask if there’s room. (Maybe if I get there after you, I’ll ask you!) If there is, we’ll make it work. If there isn’t, there’s always next time. And at the very least we now have faces and names connected. That’s a win for everyone.

Speaking of sharing water, I want to thank everyone I’ve encountered this season who has been so darned friendly and accommodating about doing so. I typically expect the worst from people, so it is a delight to be proven wrong about human nature. Kindness from strangers is a blessing. May the river gods bestow the tightest of lines upon all of you!

These gentlemen came all the way from Spain (really) to say hello.


4 comments on “The shortest distance between two anglers is a hello

  1. Greg Tarris says:

    Funny, I was fishing the Farmington Sunday, (first time there this season), and caught the 3PM sulfur hatch. It entered my mind wondering that if you were around and working would a quick hello be appropriate. I guess I have my answer lol

  2. Greg Tarris says:

    Seven landed almost all on dries with one on a sulphur emerger. However being my first time out, my reaction time to hits was slow and I missed a bunch. Given my wife has been ill for 4 months, this was my one chance to get out. The fishing gods must have been with me and blessed me. BTW the hatch went on until around 6:30PM of course tapering off as time went by.

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