Currentseams Tuesday Night Zoom, Feb. 9, 8pm: Small Stream Fly Fishing

Small streams and wild trout are a passion, so tomorrow night I’ll be talking about thin blue lines and the exquisite gems that live in them. If you haven’t been getting the Zoom links — I send them out Tuesday late afternoon — please check your spam box. See you Tuesday night!

2 comments on “Currentseams Tuesday Night Zoom, Feb. 9, 8pm: Small Stream Fly Fishing

  1. William Giokas says:

    Steve how do these small streams do in Aug. when the water is low? Are they spring fed?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Bill, there’s no one answer and no simple answer. Some do just fine, others struggle, and others dry up either completely or to the point where the fish don’t survive. In the streams with long-term — we’re talking hundreds if not thousands of years — native trout populations, nature usually finds a way. Last summer was brutal, but it may not have been as bad as the summer of 1679 or 432 or 1200 BC. Nature finds a way. Some streams have spring houses, some are spring fed, others are deep in mountain gorges and stay cold an viable no matter how how it gets in civilization. Hope that helps!

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