Still time to tie one on tomorrow (winged and wingless wets)

I’m still getting sign ups and questions (“Is tomorrow’s class still on?” Yes. “Is this a pre-pay event?” Yes. $10.) about tomorrow’s tying class, Tying Winged and Wingless Wet Flies. There’s still room if you want to join in: tomorrow, Saturday, January 30, 1pm. You can literally sign up for it any time before then (but I’d appreciate it if you’d do it sooner rather than later). Here are the details.

A hunk-hunka burning love of wet fly goodness awaits.

4 comments on “Still time to tie one on tomorrow (winged and wingless wets)

  1. jcwillow777 says:

    Steve, Do you have a source for bronze peacock herl? I have yet to find any. I’ve tried putting herl in the sun, but it didn’t change color. Thanks, Greg Sent from AT&T Yahoo Mail on Android

    • Steve Culton says:

      Greg, I don’t, and to be honest with you I just use what I have on hand that tickles my fancy. I doubt the trout care if it’s got a copper or bronze or some other cast in a split-second feeding decision. As someone who presents with red-green color blindness, I generally make do with what looks best to me, which is often “wrong” by the book. 🙂

  2. Alan Petrucci says:

    Hey “Fisherman” I’ve noticed your not talking small streams lately. Have you given up on them?

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