Best of 2020 #4: The filming of “Summer on the Farmington.”

When director Matthew Vinick asked me if I’d like to appear in his upcoming film on dry fly fishing the Farmington River, I didn’t think twice. Crew and angler assembled on a gorgeous afternoon in late June for my segment. The trout were gathered too, although they were most uncooperative. Sadly, we’d caught them in between feeds, and rises were few and far between. Finally, we got the shot — and the fish — we were looking for, a healthy 17″ Survivor Strain buck, taken on a size 16 Light Cahill Catskills dry. Wouldn’t you know it? After we broke the set, the river lit up and it was trout after trout from 7:30pm till dark. We had a follow-up interview shoot in October. Now all we have to do is wait for director and editor to do their thing.

I don’t have a projected release date for the film, but when I hear more, I’ll let you know.

5 comments on “Best of 2020 #4: The filming of “Summer on the Farmington.”

  1. GregTarris says:


    Fish all day working hard for every bite and then as the golden hour around sunset starts all the fish appear.

    Didn’t they know you were filming during the day? Those fish obviously were not part of any school lol

    • Steve Culton says:

      The worst part as that there was a brief bite window in the hour before we started shooting…then hours of nothing. However, all’s well that ends well, and you can hear the excitement in my voice as I unhooked and released that beauty. A great fish on a cane pole.

  2. David Bennett says:

    Look forward to seeing it

  3. […] I wrapped up some drone footage with Director Matthew Vinick for his upcoming film “Summer on the Farmington.” Elevated flows (650cfs in the Permanent TMA) and leaves were an issue, but we got it done. Adverse […]

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