More film and video news: Farmington River Dry Flies and SBS Countermeasure

I mentioned earlier this week that the short film Striper Moon — A Legacy will soon be available on Amazon Prime. I’ve been busy with some video projects as well. On Wednesday, we shot home interview and fly tying footage for director Matthew Vinick’s film on Farmington River dry fly fishing. We covered stuff from hatches to our day on the river to the Survivor Strain program, and I also tied up a classic Catskills Light Cahill dry. I’ve seen a rough cut of my segment, and it doesn’t suck! I’m very excited to be involved with this project.

The title of the film is Summer on the Farmington. Matthew Vinick and John Kosmaczewski are partners on the project. Here’s a low-res still, taken from video, of me doing battle with a high-teens Survivor Strain brown. That’ll put a bend in the old cane pole.


Last but not least, I recently shot footage for a step-by-step video on the Countermeasure. Just gotta edit and do voiceover. Coming soon!

5 comments on “More film and video news: Farmington River Dry Flies and SBS Countermeasure

  1. James Joseph Berry says:

    what dry fly fishing are you referring to, I just spent three days/nights on the river and
    never saw a bug or a rise. It was even hard to get a nymph take let alone a soft hackle

    • Steve Culton says:

      I feel your pain, JB. It’s really frustrating when there’s no hatch and rise activity when you’re fishing. The low water doesn’t help — these are challenging conditions for sure. Today has massive BWO hatch written all over it…

  2. James Joseph Berry says:

    yeah my man, did it happen? for your sake i hope it did. I have a bunch of BWO ties
    in very small sizes that have never been used, i will send them to you at no charge if you are interested. time to light up and have some very very strong brown tea on the rocks.

  3. […] we broke the set, the river lit up and it was trout after trout from 7:30pm till dark. We had a follow-up interview shoot in October. Now all we have to do is wait for director and editor to do their […]

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