The nice thing about the Eagle Claw 253 is…

…you can sharpen it fairly easily to extend the life of your fly. This RLS Rat-a-Tat had an unfortunate encounter with a rock, dulling its point. Not to worry! Out came the mill file, and a few strokes later we’re ship-shape and sticky sharp. This fly is now a year-and-a-half old and no worse for the wear. News flash: the biggest striper I ever caught came on a big flatwing that was four years old and had undergone numerous sharpening.

2 comments on “The nice thing about the Eagle Claw 253 is…

  1. mattea2005 says:

    Hello. Is that 253 the same as the mustad 34007?

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    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Mattea, no, they are different hooks. They both have the O’Shaughnessy bend, but the 34007 is stainless, the 253 is not (nickel plate); and the 34007 has a longer shank. Thanks for the question!

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