Why I love topwater smallmouth

It’s been a tough year for smallmouth in terms of size and numbers, but I’m finding enough topwater action to keep me stoked. I’ll present a more detailed report on my summer adventures in the next few weeks, but for now this picture says it all. I’ve been getting a lot of action on Jack Gartside’s  Gurgler and my Countermeasures bug.


2 comments on “Why I love topwater smallmouth

  1. Mark Jaquith says:

    So Steve,

    Glad you liked the movie……remember when the Dallas bow broke water?

    I put that bow on…….29 tons of GRP.

    Actually I put the bow on her sistership that was the one actually used in the movie (although I put the bow on the Dallas too.)

    Anyway doesn’t that remind you of a topwater take?

    Best, Jake from Maine p.s.- Haven’t forgotten a mid-week trip when this virus is behind us.

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