Bead Head Soft-Hackled Dark Hendrickson

Or BHSHDH for short.  The Bead Head Soft-Hackled Dark Hendrickson is simply a weighted riff on the classic Dark Hendrickson Winged Wet. Take the basic color scheme. Add a tungsten bead to give it some serious weight. Tie it on point, and the next time the the creek is up you’ll get your rig down fast with a few strategic mends. (Recipe by request, because at, we aim to please.)


Hook: 2x strong wet fly 12-14
Bead: Black tungsten, to size
Thread: Grey
Tail:  Lemon wood duck or dark blue dun hackle fibers
Body: Muskrat fur
Hackle: Dark blue dun hen

Tying Notes: I hate to lose the lemon wood duck of the winged wet, so I usually tie this fly with that wonderfully variegated buggy feather in the tail. Having said that, the fly pictured uses hen. Muskrat is the traditional body fur; you could substitute any grey fur or dubbing blend. The feather I happened to choose for this fly has a mysterious dark center; it’s just a random occurrence. Sometimes I’ll use a black Sharpie to color the eye of the hook — it’s a quick visual code that tells me I used a tungsten bead.


12 comments on “Bead Head Soft-Hackled Dark Hendrickson

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks. Only one pluck on Hendrickson Wets yesterday. Very light hatch, but brought two to hand on drys, and most importantly with dry feet in new waders!! Wasn’t crowded where I was as compared to every trail head I drove by! I am sure the popular pools were jammed though.

  2. Bob says:

    I like the idea of making the eye for bead type.
    I’m using that idea!

  3. Bob says:

    My bad – Should have typed; I like the idea of MARKING the eye for bead type.

  4. Tim Farrell says:

    Good afternoon Steve: could you send me instructions for tying the BHSHDH? Many Thanks, Tim

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. mark franze says:

    It was that dark ,as you call it eye of the hackle, that thru me. Also the muskrat dubbing shows up lite like squirrel belly.

    Thanks again. Your the best.



  6. […] mania! If the water is 450cfs+, or if you want to sink your team a little more, try this tungsten bead head Dark Hendrickson soft hackle on […]

  7. […] Bead Head Soft-Hackled Dark Hendrickson Dark Hendrickson winged wet Hendrickson Spiders. Size 12, wet or dry fly hook, gray or rusty brown thread, tail material of your choice, a dusting of muskrat fur or dubbing, then brown partridge or dark dun hen hackle. Bead Head Soft-Hackled Pheasant Tail Old Blue Dun Squirrel and Ginger. Yeah, I know. Not a Hendrickson pattern. But on the Farmington, we often get a strong caddis hatch around Hendrickson time. If you place this as your top dropper, you’ll be covered if the trout are selectively feeding on the caddis. […]

  8. […] decided on a three-fly team of a Squirrel & Ginger on top dropper, with black tungsten beadhead Hendrickson soft-hackles in the middle and on point. The plan was to cast slightly upstream or across, and mend like crazy […]

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