Support your local fly shop!

There are lots of places you can buy fly fishing stuff. Here’s a plug for the local shop that’s always been there when you need them — in the case of Farmington River anglers, UpCountry Sportfishing. If you’re not a Farmington River regular, you probably have a place like it near your favorite water: tons of gear, knowledgable staff, always ready to help or just kibbitz about current hatches.

Now more than ever, it’s tempting to pass up the brick-and-mortar retailer for the convenience of the e-tailer. Why not give the local business your business first? Many shops still offer phone orders and shipping or curbside pickup. (The latter’s what I did Friday. I walked away with hooks, tying supplies, and even a new Cortland 444 line.) Easy-squeezy!

UpCountry Sportfishing manager Torrey Collins gives the good-to-go sign as I head for the river after picking up my order. You can see store hours and buying options here. Or call them at 860-379-1952. Tell ’em Steve sent ya.


8 comments on “Support your local fly shop!

  1. Kevin Etherson Sr says:

    My feelings also.
    Riverbay Outfitters on Long Island is open and ready for phone or email orders. So if your on Long Island give Paul a call.

  2. Dominic Sayler says:

    Upcountry is awesome and has great prices

  3. rich rubin says:

    Did you do your. Zoom yet?

    Good health is true wealth

  4. Paul Hoooer says:

    How do can I send you a pic?

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