Long time no post: steelhead recovery and “Wet Flies 101” next week

Forgive me, faithful readers, but I’ve been away fishing for steelhead. Maybe that should be “survival fishing for steelhead.” Very early rising (I’m used to getting home then, not waking up) and bitter cold took it out of me. So, I ask for your indulgence while I recover, and we’ll have a fun to read (I hope) report next week.

Speaking of next week, I’m going to be presenting Wet Flies 101, Tuesday, November 19, Nutmeg TU, 7pm, Port 5, Bridgeport, CT. If you’re interested in this highly effective and underutilized subsurface method, Wet Flies 101 provides an overview and gateway into this ancient and traditional art. Hope to see you there!  You can find the Nutmeg TU Facebook page here and their website here.

That’s my breath, not cigar smoke. 17 degrees on your Fahrenheit dial.



2 comments on “Long time no post: steelhead recovery and “Wet Flies 101” next week

  1. Steve Douville says:

    Just back home from a 15 day Steelhead fishing trip to upper state NY, lake Ontario tributary. Had a lot of fun, got wet too many days, froze a few days with leaky waders, and it’s November so yes it snowed several days . Got to fish with many friends from the northeast, made some new friends, caught some fish, great trip. Glad to be back home in South Carolina , it was a long drive 900 miles from home.

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