Steve Culton is now (finally) on Instagram

My goodness, sometimes I move at a glacial pace. (Remember glaciers? We used to have them everywhere it was cold…) But never mind. You can now find me on Instagram at stevecultonflyfishing. This location will be more quick hit copy and visual reference than the detailed articles you find on currentseams. And on the flip side, more situational shots from fishing trips or events in near real time.

While I’m hoping to cultivate new audiences, I encourage all my loyal readers to follow me on Instagram. There will certainly be material there that doesn’t make it to currentseams. Thanks, and I’ll see you on the river or at an event soon.

Yeah. That’s me.




4 comments on “Steve Culton is now (finally) on Instagram

  1. Bob Dibble says:

    Glaciers ? The only thing that remembers the glaciers are the brook trout because they rode in here on them over 10 thousand years ago. Thing is, they smartened up pretty quickly during the very first duffers fortnight and the phrase “drag free drift” was coined two weeks too late.

  2. Ray Hamilton says:

    Adding Instagram may be good for you but I just don’t do any of those other soc things. Really enjoy what you send using Currentseams. Just saying.

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