August guide trips and other stuff

I’ve been playing catch up this week, so thanks for bearing with me. If you have flies coming, the production line has resumed. I will be in email contact with all parties involved.

I’m starting on the Old Blue Dun next.



If you are interested in a guide trip, pickings are slim for the remainder of August: Possible morning to early afternoon half-day: Thurs 8/22; Monday 8/26 looks fairly open; Tuesday 8/27 is open for a half day. We need rain! Hopefully September will bring higher flows and a more open schedule.

I have a bunch of presentations scheduled for fall and I’ll post those soon. Also looks like I will be appearing again this winter at The Fly Fishing Show.

And I still have to post my Block Island report.

Thanks you for your patience, and most of all for reading and following currentseams.


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