So, what happened at the ASMFC meeting last week?

I was out of the country, so I missed the live stream of the ASMFC meeting. I did hear some secondhand comments from others who watched. Lowlights included a few commissioners congratulating themselves for being longstanding ASMFC honchos (great resume point: “In charge of saving striped bass when the stock was decimated.”); business as usual (read: foxes guarding the henhouse) from certain NJ and MD commissioners; and a commissioner from MA whose biggest concern about fishing restrictions was loss of revenue from striped bass tournaments. (Really? Gonna start a sea robin tournament when the striper stock collapses?)

Sidebar: there was a proposal in MA (not ASMFC related) to increase the quota days for commercial striper fleets since they fell far short of their quota this year. You can’t make this stuff up. It reminds me of an old Peanuts strip where Lucy says to Linus, “Your stupidity is appalling.” Linus responds, “Most stupidity is.”

So, enough editorial. The best summary I’ve read is from the American Saltwater Guides Association blog. You can read it here.

Let’s stay vigilant on this issue. I’ll do my best to relay good information as I receive it.

Many ASMFC commissioners noted a high volume of passionate public comments. Thanks to everyone who opened their big mouth!


4 comments on “So, what happened at the ASMFC meeting last week?

  1. David Bennett says:

    Spot on..and i don’t fish for stripers. And then there is the Pebble Mine!!!It’s not a political place to post but “awareness” to as many as possible is a step in what seems to be a losing battle for all of us who care,,but DO NOT give up and thx.

  2. Douglas K says:

    recently read a book titled, Casting into the Light. My wife got it for me, based purely on the dust jacket, a picture of a fisherman casting into the surf in the salt mist, with a spaniel by their side..

    It turned out to be the story of a woman who took up striper fishing on Cape Cod in the 50s, based on nothing but a love of the sport and fish.. lots of hard days with no fish, grumpy fish-selling men fishermen who resented her, etc. The striper tournament was a very big deal in those days. Eventually they had to drop the stripers and just do it based on bluefish etc.
    Fascinating stories from way back, highly recommended.
    I didn’t realize there were new striper tournaments.

    The rebuild of striper stocks was one of the great success stories of modern fisheries management. It’s sad and sickening that old-fashioned greed has driven the species back into danger..

    • Steve Culton says:

      Douglas, I wish we were commenting on an addendum that was geared toward restoring stocks rather than having a 50% chance of merely stemming the tide. We should all do what we can do within the parameters — it’s a step in the right direction — but we need to make it clear that this is weak and more needs to be done!

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