The Saltwater Edge and The Bear’s Den: buy stuff from these guys

Although the title of this post may suggest otherwise, I’m please to say that remains an ad-free web zone. One of my goals with this site is to be a dispenser of good information — and with that, I’d like to direct your attention to two new links on the right-hand sidebar.

First up is The Saltwater Edge in Newport, RI. Its owner, Peter Jenkins, is a good friend. While SE’s focus is more on non-fly gear, the shop is nonetheless a valuable resource in terms of local knowledge and passion for the salt. It’s also the only place you can find my favorite striper and steelhead rod, the Ken Abrames Salmo Saxatilis.

The next place I’d like to tell you about is The Bear’s Den in Taunton, MA. I’ve been a customer for years, in particular fly lines. Huge selection. And some of the best customer service I’ve experienced anywhere. Scott and his team will really take care of you.

You should also know that these links are unpaid and unsolicited. I’m just a big fan and wanted to share.

This bass was caught on a rod I bought from the Saltwater Edge and a line I bought from The Bear’s Den. Coincidence (he said with a wink)?


4 comments on “The Saltwater Edge and The Bear’s Den: buy stuff from these guys

  1. Bill Giokas says:

    Bears Den is the best shop in New England by far. I have been a customer for over 20 years.

  2. Will K says:

    Ill agree with you, Steve… And Ill agree with Bill, but raise him one, BD is one of the best shops you can utilize, period, anywhere. The service is unreal. Selection of everything from rods to materials to regional knowledge (at least in shop) is unreal. The shipping is awesome too. Most of the time when I order, I get an email within a few hours noting the shipping was less (I live 90′ away) and the stuff would be here sooner for less.

    We are lucky to have amazing shops in the North East… BD is one of the best for sure.

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