It’s a Super Six Hundred Celebration!

Happy nor’easter , fellow Currentseamsers. While the snow piles up, I am safe and warm by the fire. Thank you for being part of the Super Six Hundred! To celebrate, we’re doing our customary flies-tied-by-Steve giveaway. Here are the rules:

1) No purchase necessary.

2) You must be a follower of currentseams to enter. (If you’re not one already, you become a follower by clicking on the “Stay current with currentseams” button on the home page.)

3) To enter, leave a comment on this thread that responds to these questions: 1) if I started to include podcasts, what topic(s) would you like to hear about? 2) Is there a fly I tie that you’d like to see a video on? Which one? One entry per person. Deadline for entering is 11:59pm March 31, 2018 (no foolin’). Three winners will be chosen at random. The winners will be notified in the comments section of this thread or by email, and will be responsible for sending me their address so I can ship the flies out. Sorry, I can only ship to U.S. addresses.

4) All decisions by me are final.

Thanks again for reading and following currentseams.

It’s getting closer to Hendrickson time. Maybe you’ll have some swag like this come April.



47 comments on “It’s a Super Six Hundred Celebration!

  1. Ed Hovsepian says:

    1. I’d like to see fly tying video 2. The fly of my choice would be you striper eely streamer. Thanks for your blog.

  2. Corey Harris says:

    1. Would love to hear and see some basic tips on fishing the wet flies on trout streams. It would be nice to start your podcasting as if we were new to your philosophies. Jumping right in would lose some of us.
    2. The almighty Hendrickson of course. Any variation

  3. Jim says:

    I’d like a pod cast on striped bass on the fly. I’d like to see you tie worm patters for salt. Congratulations on 600

  4. Brian Larson says:

    I’d love to see videos, maybe on techniques you think make your tying faster or better. Not sure what flies but something generic for trout.

  5. Paul says:

    Congrats! I’d love to hear topics on various techniques for striped bass, small stream fishing, fishing the Farmington. Would love to see a video on The Bombardier.

  6. Paul says:

    Oooh I cinder worm fly would be cool.

  7. Gary says:

    Favorite flies for the Farmington.

  8. Jim Cannon says:

    Podcast topic I’d like would be “how to identify good wetfly water” ;what makes it suited for wetflies and where should I position myself to best fish it?
    I like all your Hendrickson lineup

  9. John S. says:

    Congratulations on super six – now on to luck seven! More videos would be great – thanks.

  10. Alton Blodgett says:

    Congratulations on hitting the 600 mark. Please enter me in the contest. My wishes from you are:
    1. Strategies: Upstream or downstream approaches? Fly type placements on multiple fly rigs and why. Go-to flies for small streams.
    2. Dark Hendrickson or Light Cahill Winged Wets and The Deep Threat.

  11. Allan Dantonio says:

    I’d love to hear more about picking water and how and why a certain pool may be better then another on certain days and methods of fishing those pools.

  12. Rick Davidson says:

    Tying Soft hackles for trout and steelhead… congrats on hitting this milestone…

  13. Mike says:

    Congrats on the Super 600!
    I think I have been here since the first contest👍
    If you start to post a podcast I would like to see your wetfly technique and some small stream stuff .

    As for a fly tying instructions it would be your squirrel and ginger .
    Hope the god of current seams picks my name from the hat.

  14. Jim Wilson says:

    I’m not complaining – one fly fishing/tying garage sale, show, club meeting after another – poor now, but got a load of purchases, including…well better not say, the other half may read this!

  15. john pavao says:

    id like to see pod cast on stripers and on smallies on the housatonic
    congrats on 600

  16. Zak Griefen says:

    I’d like to see podcasts on greased line striper fishing and on local effective efforts to protect and preserve fish and fish habitat, and as many flyting videos as you can put up!

  17. chris says:

    I like to hear a podcast on your favorite wet flies for the farmington. How to tie a soft hackle pheasant tail. Congrats on 600.00!

  18. Dwight Moffitt says:

    Podcast: You seem to avoid flash and neon (by today’s standards) in your wet flies and nymphs. Why? You seem really fond of Dave Hughes patterns. Why?

    Fly video: Bombardier flatting.

  19. Jon H. says:

    Hi Steve,


    1). I’d like to hear a striped bass podcast where you describe your process for identifying different habitats that may hold stripers, and how you would approach fishing each of those locations.

    2). I’d like to see a tying video of the Rock Island flatwing.


    p.s. I’ve been having issues posting and have tried a few times- sorry if this post shows up as a repeat of a prior attempt

  20. Andrew Attias says:

    Hi Steve. I’d love a podcast discussing the different water types on the Farmington and how you approach them. Love a video tying the microbuggers. Thanks.

  21. Dave Studeman says:

    Congrats on 600 follows!
    Podcast-flatwing trout fies
    Video-The bombardier
    Fingers Crossed !!

  22. George Baldwin says:

    2. Already current
    3. Fishing flatwings
    Video on how you tie flatwings. I tied up a bunch today, would like to see your variations on tying them.
    – George Baldwin

  23. John Pasini says:

    Hi Steve. I’d like a podcast on night fishing strategies for the Farmington and/or saltwater stripers. A video of any striper flat wing.

  24. bill heffner says:

    I would like to see wet fly tactics on a podcast.
    I was at the Edison show and I would like to see some of the wet you had at the talk.

  25. Alex Brooks says:

    Congrats on 600!

    I’d like to hear a podcast on nympth fishing in the winter and weather you should use a indicator or not, and managing depths with the indicator.
    For the fly – I’d like to see one of your smallie bass flies for the housy.

  26. David Bennett says:

    Podcast your personalized comments of where you fished, be it fresh water (my preference) or stripers. Cover types of equipment with why’s and why regarding equipment and flies, seasonality.

  27. Paul Rice says:

    Podcast on the gear setups you use, all the way to the tippet, would be great
    Hendrickson flies would be great as its a fly i struggle tying
    Luv the blogs!

  28. Gary Bogli says:

    1.I would like to see a video on how to swing a wet fly. 2. How to tie salt water flat wings.

  29. Bruce says:

    Podcasts: CT Cinderworm Hatch, When and how to fish with flatwings, seasonal flies for CT stripers / Baitfish imitations.

    Tying: If only allowed one fly what would you tie and fish for early season stripers in CT estuaries, Housatonic River?

  30. Pete Simoni says:

    Congrats on reaching the 600 Milestone. Would like to see video on your revamped Wet Flies 101 presentation.

  31. Vince Rizzo says:

    1) I’d like to hear a podcast series on discussing when and how to to fish flat wings synced to

    2) Videos progressing from the simpler flat wings (and other striper flies) to the more complex.

    Or the same idea, concerning soft hackles and trout!

  32. Adam says:

    1.) I’d love to hear a podcast on your topic “Trout fishing for striped bass”
    2.) Hendrickson wets or stonefly interpretations

  33. Ed Bowsza says:

    I love the idea of a pod cast. My wish would for one that details fishing the Farmington River and could include techniques and proven winner flies. What a great resource that could be !

  34. Dwight Leonard says:

    Wow! Another milestone reached as a testament to how we can’t have too much of a good thing. Podcasts- wet fly techniques or learning to read water. Tying video- any of those hefty trout streamers. Best-DL

  35. Chad parsons says:

    Love podcasts – great for the long fishing drives. An unbiased look at jig hooks- quality, cost ect would be of interest
    Nothing in particular to put on video, love the wets though

  36. JAMES LUCEY says:

    hey steve , love the site . found it last year while tying soft hackles . i like your “naturals ” approach to tying . podcasts – i think you’ve shown some good sense so far , use your judgement ! april’s podcasts are good . equipment , materials , old timers . i tie steelie /salmon flies for home and soft hackles for stockies . salt water flies videos would be good for me . headed to rockport , ma this june . tying up now .
    thanks and congratulations

  37. bancroftmatt says:

    Hi Steve – congrats on the big 600. I love your steelhead flies and I would vote for a tying video on the Salmon River Rajah which is a fantastic pattern. For the podcast I think picking topics that are seasonally based and are focused on wet fly fishing options for the time of year at the time of the podcast would be fantastic – winter steelhead in the winter, spring hatches and classic trout fishing in the spring, summer flies and techniques for small mouth bass in the summer when the water is too hot for trout, a podcast on stripers when the season is good for wet flies in the salt, blue line small stream fishing for native brookies in the early summer and fall etc. The idea would be if one of your subscribers was going out to fish in the next few days what are the best wet fly options for the season? Fish to target, flies to use, techniques to try, some alternatives if things aren’t working. Hope that helps and all the best. Thanks for the blog and all that you do! Cheers!

  38. Jack Swegel says:

    1. I don’t do podcasts so your other readers can decide
    2. I’d like to see a video on tying the Big Eelie
    Keep up the good work!

  39. Lou says:

    Fantastic site you know how to teach!
    Please start with the basics for beginners and launch 🚀 into the endless branches of this sport. I’d like podcasts based on the season . Include casting,flies and equipment. Would love to see tying videos of all the flat wings !!!!!!

  40. rmitterling says:

    Hi Steve, I enjoy reading your podcast with every issue, cigar, and sip of whiskey, or is it scotch. You do a nice job. Keep it up.  Here is my entry. I have a 1 out 600 chance of winning. Better than Powerball.  1. Since you fish the Farmington many times, I would like to hear how you approach fishing the river when there are many fishermen out there. Do you tough it out with others? Do you move? The frustrating experience for me is to drive an  hour to the Farmington and find the spots that I know about, packed with anglers. 2. Those long striper  flies that you tie.  That would be a nice video. They look like baitfish. Are they supposed to resemble bunkers?  So keep up the good work. Roger Mitterling

  41. Coachmanp14 says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a few podcasts of small stream brookie techniques and is there a pattern for a fly similar to the pale watery wet for those smaller locales.

  42. […] And don’t forget! The Super Six Hundred Followers contest closes at midnight, Saturday March 31 — so if you haven’t entered, time’s a wasting. You can find all the rules here. […]

  43. Dan Price says:

    Podcast: Choosing and fishing when to use midges on farmington.

    Fly Tying- Tips on using turkeyand goose biots.

  44. Pierre Sauvé says:

    For podcasts your approach to daytime fishing for stripers and how it differs (if it does ) from nightime fishing.

    Video: to add to the voices of many, how to tie a flatwing, but with 7 to 9 saddle hackles (maybe your Bombardier or Alewife 9?).

    And thank you for the entertaining and instructive posts.

  45. Toby McAfee says:

    1- podcast: techniques for fishing the 3 – fly setups, including any ways to rig more than one group ahead of time and keep the group you aren’t using from being a tangled mess by the time you change it up in the stream.
    2- tying the most effective flies for small streams, esp. for brookies
    Thanks for passing along all your knowledge!

  46. Steve Graefe says:

    Congrats on reaching 600; 700 may come even faster!

    1) A couple suggestions for podcasts: your techniques on swinging for stripers, and how to read water for using wet flies vs nymphs.

    2) Fly tying video suggestions: Salmon River steelhead, smallmouth bass, cinder worm, and striper streamers.

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