February Stripers

Cold fronts and wind and snow and sleet be damned, I went striper fishing. This was virgin winter water for me; I looked at this place last year and wondered if any bass would care to stay though the cold months. I have my answer.

Only 20″, but a bass is a bass. Dagnabbit, now that I’ve done January and February, I guess I gotta go for 12 consecutive months with a striper on the fly.


3 comments on “February Stripers

  1. David Studeman says:

    Good Looking Flatwing did the trick – congrats!

  2. Mike says:

    With Jan and Feb in the books you are home free!
    Bravo !
    2 months down 10 to go!
    My money is on you👍

  3. joseph ganun says:

    February is always the toughest month. Great work.

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