Farmington River Report 9/26/17: low and deep

I guided Ira and Dan yesterday. Hot, sunny, low flows (105 cfs above the permanent TMA), but the water was plenty cold. We spent the first half of the trip sifting through the pockets and seams of a 200 yard-long boulder field with a team of wets. After my success doing likewise on Monday, I was surprised that we didn’t get a touch. I was demoing a short line deep presentation in a deeper run when hook point connected with salmonid mouth. Armed with that new intel, we headed downstream and re-rigged for nymphing.

And that proved to be the difference between fishing and catching. We found fish in the hot water at the head of the run and just below in the front end. Both Dan and Ira proved themselves to be capable, thoughtful anglers, and it was rewarding to see their persistence pay off. The method was short line, no indicator, drop shot.

Ira probing current seams in the boulder field.



A ray of light. Our first fish was this fine native, taken on a size 14 Frenchie variant.



Dan being the man. He hooked a bunch of trout in this medium-sized pocket.


4 comments on “Farmington River Report 9/26/17: low and deep

  1. ted rzepski says:

    Vicariously enjoy your reports. Friends report too frequent bear encounters on the Farmington River. What bear advice can you offer?
    Thanks Ted

    • Steve Culton says:

      My advice would be to do an internet search on what to do if you’re hiking/fishing/etc. in bear country. I can tell you that when I’m walking through the woods along the river, I make a lot of noise (singing, talking out loud, etc.)

  2. Steve M. says:

    The two legged varieties bother me a lot more! Any advice?

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