Farmington River Report 3/7/17: What’s all this, then?

Let’s start with some good news, where a picture is worth 200cfs:


Add to that 100+cfs from the Still, and we finally have a proper level in the permanent TMA, running clear and 34 degrees. Of course, we need to keep those rain dances at the ready. A little more snow in the Berkshires wouldn’t hurt, either.

To the fishing. Spot A was a blank, and friends, I want to tell you that I nymphed the snot out of that run for the better part of 90 minutes without a touch. Spots B and C were dedicated to the streamer cause but with the same result. At this point I paused to reflect upon the manifest iniquity of fishing — and to consider newly received intel that there had been a recent significant melting of ice shelves where I had been fishing .

La Aroma De Cuba Reserva Bellicoso in hand (well, mouth, too) I headed north.

And that’s where I found a whole bunch of trout that were most eager to eat my nymphs. They were fairly split between the size 16 Weisner’s midge dropper and the size 14 Frenchie variant. I used two BB shot to keep my drifts nice and slow. The takes were on the subtle side, but nonetheless my indicator received a good soaking. By 3pm the action had tailed off, and I called it a day.

Several of my fish were well-fed browns in the mid teens. No wonder this hen gave me a battle. Look at the size of her pectoral fin.



Another fine specimen from the chilly waters of the permanent TMA.




16 comments on “Farmington River Report 3/7/17: What’s all this, then?

  1. Sam Orr says:

    Well done Steve! Always enjoy getting your emails. Best, Sam

  2. Vicky Howard says:

    Never heard of or seen a pattern for a Weisner midge, any suggestions where I might find a pattern or picture so I could tie up some, or who might sell them? Upcountry maybe?

  3. Bill says:

    Nice! So off to the Farmington it will be–if only I could find the time!

  4. Jason peyser says:

    Nice job Steve. I too was on the farmy today, high sticked a half dozen runs with a bunch of different patterns to absolutely no avail. Didn’t see a rise or feel a bump all day. Lots of bugs out though. Did you find your fish in deeper slower water?

    • Steve Culton says:

      No, but I saw someone who did. I was delighted to see three anglers blanking in Spot A after I left it. Made me feel not completely useless. My fish came in moderately moving water 2-4′ deep. Don’t feel bad about your blank — I would be writing a different report if I didn’t find those fish.

  5. Colin Brennan says:

    Beautiful Brown.

  6. Ray Hamilton says:

    Steve, really nice to see nice fish in hand. Work for two and then “play”.

  7. Steve M. says:

    How about a refresher on your dropper nymphing method? Specifically how you use/position the indicator? Congrats on the fish!

  8. You just got your wish for more snow in the Berkshires. We just got 18 inches.

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