Farmington River Report 2/15/17: Bottom return

There comes a point in the nymphing session — usually after I’ve been at it for a while with no touches, and especially if I’ve been losing a war of attrition with the bottom — when the indicator goes down, I set, and I cannot believe that I’m stuck again.

Depression sets it.

But sometimes the bottom moves. And despair turns into the delightful prospect of possessing that which we love and desire.

It’s a fish, and by the feel of things, a decent one.

Even after walking it down the run a ways, the trout still won’t come, and I wonder if it is fouled. No, it’s just a big ‘ol Farmington brown — nearly twenty inches worth — with my tiny midge lodged firmly inside the white of its mouth.

The prize for hiking a good distance to fish in solitude. Celebrated with the cigar gifted to me by Alton (thank you).


River conditions: 140cfs, clear, 33 degrees. Not much hatch activity (a few W/S caddis and midges). Most of the pull offs and dirt roads were inaccessible due to snow pack/plowing piles. That may change with the warm weather this weekend. I managed a nice rainbow in another spot, then called it a day after three hours. Two BB shot on the drop shot rig today resulted in a lot of snags, but also produced the kind of slower drift that I think catches more fish in water that’s barely above freezing.

The winning fly, Glenn Weisner’s blue bead head midge. You can read more about on Ed Engle’s Lone Angler Journal.


I know you’ll ask, so here’s the recipe:

11 comments on “Farmington River Report 2/15/17: Bottom return

  1. Alton Blodgett says:

    Way to go Steve! That’s a real beauty. And I’m delighted that you celebrated with the cigar I gave you. I hope it proved itself worthy of the occasion.

  2. Gary S says:

    Nice reward for a valiant effort. That fish has been eating well this winter. Good to see. Something about the Black & Blue color combo in flies that goes together like bacon & eggs.

  3. Ray Hamilton says:

    Thanks for the Farmington report that encourages motion out the door and into the stream. You are right about the recipe for the fly. Beauty.

  4. Congrats on the beautiful brown!
    When the bottom fights back…I like it.

  5. Pete Simoni says:

    That was a winner Steve!! gorgeous brown.

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