Big room news: “Wet Flies 101” at the Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, MA

Once again, I will be presenting “Wet Flies 101” at the the Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, MA. Only this time, on a bigger stage.

I’ve been elevated to Seminar status for Friday, 1pm, January 20th, as I present “Wet Flies 101” in the Catch Room. On Saturday the 21st, I’ll be making the same presentation at 10am in Room A of the Destination Theater.

And so, dear reader, I’d like to ask you a favor: if you’re planning on going to the show, please try to come to the Friday the 21st show in the big room. I’d to have as full a house as possible. If you can make it, good fishing karma and positive tight line energy shall be bestowed upon you. And of course, if you’re there, please come say hi.

For more information, visit the Fly Fishing Show’s Marlborough website.

Here’s your chance to visit Yorkshire without ever leaving New England.


6 comments on “Big room news: “Wet Flies 101” at the Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, MA

  1. Will says:

    I’m going to try and get to Friday Steve. normally try to be there in the AM, but Ill go later… Just for you 🙂



    Will you be presenting “Wet Flies 101” at Somerset? Either that, or “The Little Things” would be great to hear. I enjoy your emails.

    Tight Lines,

    Mike Postol

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Mike,

      I would love to be doing Somerset, but sadly right now my schedule just doesn’t allow it. So Marlborough it is. (You should get a few friends to share the ride and come up!) In the future, once the kids are off to school, I will hopefully have more time to do Somerset and Intl Fly Tying Symposium and things like that. Thanks for your comments and your support.

  3. fmvan says:

    See you Friday

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