Farmington River Report 7/23/16: More mid-day magic

Today I had the pleasure of teaching the ways of the wet fly to a group from the NYC Chapter of TU. Thanks to everyone who participated; you all did a great job under some truly difficult (again) conditions. I saw improvement in all of you across the board — keep on keeping on, and the trout will surely smile upon you.

Speaking of smiles, we had a little of that mid-day magic again. Look what Jon found at the end of his three-fly team! This wild brown taped out at a full 21″. Taken in the fast water at the head of a pool around 11:30 this morning.



Last fish of the day for Jon. Not as big, but just as wild. Look at the white tips on those fins.  One of very few actively feeding fish we saw today.


Note: they’ve lowered the flow from the dam. 165cfs and 64 degrees in the TMA. Unfortunately, it looks like a scorcher this week. Let’s all do a rain dance — or at least tweak for cooler weather.

4 comments on “Farmington River Report 7/23/16: More mid-day magic

  1. Larry says:

    Steve just read your piece in Field and Stream . Excellent info and national magazine. That is awesome. Congratulations. Larry Marino

  2. Georges Boyer says:

    Steve, a question on fox squirrel. I do not have a fox squirrel pelt, just a tail. I thought I wold tie up some squirrel and gingers using hairs from the fox squirrel tail I have. ok?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Here’s the thing: the fur on the pelt is far shorter than that found on the tail, so unless you’re tying size 2 and 4 Squirrel and Gingers, you’re going to need to make an adjustment. You could try trimming the fur so that it’s about a half-inch long. You’ll lose the effect of the grey underfur, but it should work. Let me know how you do.

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