Farmington River Mini-Report 5/11/16: Hot and not

I fished below the permanent TMA yesterday from 11am-2pm. I started off indicator nymphing in a pool that was infested with rainbow trout. I caught a ridiculous number of fish in a half-hour — not a testament to any skill on my part, but rather to the aggressive nature of these trout. Most of the action was on the bottom fly, a SHBHPT. I was pleased to get one on the top dropper, a new fly for me, Liesenring’s Blue Dun Hackle (size 14). Then I went to explore some virgin wet fly water. Nice run, but I blanked with my team of three. Did likewise in two other favorite runs. (Harrumph. I covered a good third of a mile of river without so much as a tap. Nice day for wading, though.) Finished up nymphing and took one more fish. I have to say that while recently stocked rainbows are not why I fish the Farmington, some of these fish are fat and healthy and display tremendous fighting and leaping instincts. Lots of midges and a few small (size 16) caddis.


2 comments on “Farmington River Mini-Report 5/11/16: Hot and not

  1. John says:

    Steve – can you share Lisenring’s pattern? Thanks

    • Steve Culton says:

      Surely. Here’s how he described it in his book:

      Hook: 12, 13, 14
      Silk: Primrose yellow
      Hackle: Light-blue-dun hackle of good quality
      Tail: Two or three blue-dun fibers optional
      Rib: Very narrow flat gold tinsel
      Body: Mole fur spun on primrose yellow silk, a little of the silk exposed at the tail

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