Farmington River Report 5/4/16: Another double-digit day

The river continues to be kind to those who are inclined to swing wet flies. I had Paul out for a full day yesterday to learn the ancient and traditional subsurface method. We fished three spots and found fish willing to jump on in all of them. They took the top dropper (old reliable Squirrel and Ginger), the middle dropper (Dark Hendrickson, even though we saw no such hatch), and the point fly (BHSHPT…what else?).

How gratifying to see so much action in some truly tough conditions: river up a hundred cfs or so (350cfs in the permanent TMA), slightly stained, cold at 47 degrees. The weather was downright chilly, overcast, and it rained or misted or drizzled on us for much of the day. Very little in the way of observed hatch activity: a few stray BWOs (16-18) and some micro midges. We did see swallows feasting on some unIDed flies a hundred feet overhead in the morning. Late afternoon found a mystery hatch below the permanent TMA that had a dozen trout slashing heartily at the flies.

Well done, Paul! You’re on your way.

It’s tricky trying to figure out the hook set of a tight-line presentation, especially when you’re fairly new to the game. Paul did a great job of locating that precious equilibrium — are you still there? — as this chunky brown can confirm.



6 comments on “Farmington River Report 5/4/16: Another double-digit day

  1. David Machowski says:

    It can be rough in the beginning to not jerk the rod.

  2. Alton Blodgett says:

    Way to go! I leave for Rangeley, Maine tomorrow…hope the trout are as cooperative up there.

  3. cfishdarien says:

    Hi Steve  What size droppers are you drifting?What is a BHSHPT? Best Charly Fish

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Charly,

      The S&G is a size 12 2x short; the DH a standard-issue 12; and the remaining alphabet soup stands for Soft-Hackled Bead Head Pheasant Tail (also a size 12 2x short). You can find all these flies on currentseams.

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