A new Facebook page for Currentseams

My original Facebook page was called “Steve Culton’s Currentseams.” It was supposed to be my fly fishing-only Facebook presence. What happened is that friends and family and former co-workers glommed onto it — not that I minded so much — but I never wanted there to be discussions about the next family party or links to cat videos on my fishing site.

That old Facebook page is now simply “Steve Culton.” If you friended me there for fly fishing purposes, you’ll want to not go there anymore, since I won’t be posting any fly fishing stuff there.

Instead, there’s a new “Steve Culton’s Currentseams.” You can find it here. Do me a favor and like it. (We like likes at currentseams.)

Please note: not everything that gets posted on currentseams gets posted on Facebook. This site is still the only place for all things currentseams.

Sorry for any confusion, and thanks for your continued readership and support.

Now that we got that straightened out, everyone’s happy.

Have a nice day


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