300 Followers Contest Swag

I’ve already posted the striper flies that Grand Prize winner Ray Hamilton chose. Here are the trout streamers won by our 2nd and 3rd place contestants:

(starting from the left row, bottom to top) Culton’s Hi-Liter, German’s White Nightmare, Culton’s Deep Threat (brown/orange), Culton’s Deep threat (grey/olive) Culton’s Mickey Finn Soft Hackle, Galloup’s Zoo Cougar. One of each for both of you.

300th Trout Streamers

I hope to have these out tomorrow. Tight lines, gents.

4 comments on “300 Followers Contest Swag

  1. Matt Bancroft says:

    Hi Steve – these look great. How could any self respecting trout resist such temptations? When your schedule permits, could I please request / suggest a tying video on “soft hackle” streamer patterns for trout? I for one would be very interested to see you create streamers like these – hopefully other CurrentSeams readers would to. Thanks! Matt

  2. Bill says:

    lol I’m Bill German. The white nightmare rails

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