Why I like foam-backed mouse patterns

Because if the gator brown photos come out lousy, you still have a record of a good night.

Evidence from a recent outing. This fly is called the Master Splinter (not my design). You can find the pattern recipe if you do an online search.

Chewed Mouse

4 comments on “Why I like foam-backed mouse patterns

  1. Rick Davidson says:


    I want to start fishing 2 nymphs under a strike indicator. What is the best way to do it?

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    • Steve Culton says:


      There is no “best.” Only many, many ways, and personal favorites — or where the law allows. I’ve been using the drop-shot rigging method under an indicator for a year now with success. You can find a diagram of the setup by doing a search on this site. Give it a try and see if you like it. I’d use the drop-shot method for steelhead if I could. But it’s illegal to have weight below the fly in New York. Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. RM Lytle says:

    It’s also nice that they don’t sink after five or six casts…
    Those must have been some bucknasty browns! I’m hoping I get a chance to go up there and do some mousin’ this week.

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