Farmington River Report 7/7/15: Scary Monsters

I wish I was referring to the gator browns I envisioned catching, but last night’s late night (or early morning) streamer session produced only three bumps, no hookups, and lots of angst. It’s easy to see why kids are afraid of the dark. Once you are robbed of the sense of sight, the imagination of all things terrible exerts a relentless grip.

A dense fog blanketed the water and woods. The headlamp was useless. It’s not easy working your way through a run in the soggy blackness (while trying to fish) — not to mention having to bushwhack after you realize that you’ve strayed well off the beaten path. I’m a fearless wader, but I have to cop to being a little antsy while negotiating that first run. It’s unnerving to feel the bottom sloping downward, the water rising up toward your waist, getting faster, and you have no visual reference as where your next step might lead you.

That first hit felt like I had snagged a tree stump. Ker-shloosh! The roll on the surface sure sounded like it was a good fish. Tug-tug, and then it was gone. Dammit.

Blanked at Spot B. Surprised at that. Two whacks at Spot C — the same fish, I’m sure — but again, no hook set. I almost jumped out of my waders when I saw the headlamp glowing on the shoreline right behind me. Silly rabbit. It was a firefly.

Spot D was also a blank. Well into the wee hours, time to call it a night. I sang improvised songs as I trekked through the woods. As everyone knows, monsters cannot attack you if you have your music with you.

7 comments on “Farmington River Report 7/7/15: Scary Monsters

  1. Alton Blodgett says:

    Hee hee. The things that go bump in the night. I sympathize. Last week I almost jumped out of my skin when a small log floated downstream to bump me in the butt. I was instantly convinced it was a maniacal, rabid, 50 pound beaver. At least you’re man enough to talk about it. Ooops, I guess I just did, too.
    Thanks for the story.

  2. Steve Culton says:

    It was a freaky night. Still dreaming about that first fish. Btw, the smoke was an Aurora “A” that my father gave me for Father’s Day. It provided some comfort in the dark.

  3. Alton Blodgett says:

    Thank God there are a few things a man can truly count on for comfort…like a good cigar. Too bad about the missed hookups.

  4. ted says:

    “imaginary monsters”? We have black bears, moose, passing-through mountain lions, coyote packs and human psychos roaming around.

  5. Dan Scaggs says:

    I heard a guy was recently hospitalized from a beaver attack one night on the Farmington. I don’t think whistling in the dark helped him anymore than the screaming did.

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