Striper Report 5/26/15: Won’t get fooled again

And so we close the books on what was easily the worst spring for fly fishing for stripers from the shore in Connecticut I’ve experienced since 2007.

How bad was it? By this time in an average year, I’ve already passed the century mark in stripers landed. A good year? Tally it in hundreds. I think I caught ten this year over the course of fifteen trips, and only three of those outings produced fish. Legal bass? Hah! I think I managed one striper over 20″. (Last year was lousy for big bass, too, with only one legal fish for me all spring. Granted, it was a thirty pounder, but oh, how far the mighty have fallen.)

Blame it on a long winter and a cold spring. Blame it on lack of bait. Blame it low flows in the rivers. Blame it on crashing striper stocks. Blame it on shifting channels. Blame it on every year is different. Blame it on plain old bad luck. One thing is certain: If I’m going to spend four hours in a river in the middle of the night, I gotta feel like there’s a reasonable chance I might find some fish. Folks, I ain’t feeling it.

So, time for Striper Plan B. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In another year, this might represent the number of stripers I’ve caught so far. Instead, it’s a painful reminder of yet another long, fishless night.IMG_1858

11 comments on “Striper Report 5/26/15: Won’t get fooled again

  1. ted says:

    The decrease in Stripe Bass is heartbreaking. After the moratorium in the late 80s they came back strong. We over fished them, allowed over harvesting of Menhaden and polluted the Chesapeake bay. It’s probably too late.
    I gave up Shad fishing because one study indicated a 100% mortality rate when caught and released. Is it ethical to fish for Stripers, even if released?

  2. Alton Blodgett says:

    I feel your pain. The striper decline is the main reason the winter cover has been on my tin boat for two years. It may stay there another year, too.
    Thank God for running water and salmonids.

  3. Michael Fatse says:

    Hi Steve, I love to fish wet fly’s as I have told you before via email. I was wondering if you sell fly’s and if so how much you get for a farmington assortment? Say a dozen or so fly’s. LMK please. Thanks Mike

  4. Phil says:

    All the warning signs started appearing several years ago. Menhaden, hickory shad, sand eels and herring. It’s like calling a plumber when your water no longer comes out of the faucet because there is none. Have we lost our minds?

  5. Phil says:

    I live a five minute walk from one of the most reliable striped bass fisheries in Eastern CT. The decline became real and fell on me like a brick s*#@ house four years ago. Someday when we meet again I’ll fill you in.

  6. Phil says:

    Cinder worms are still active.

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