A Floating Line Myth. Sunk.

Striped bass don’t read internet forums or hang out in breachway parking lots. This fifteen-pounder was part of school that was feeding in a strong rip. The bait, sand eels, was trapped between the rip and the shore and the stripers were feeding with impunity. It was one of those magic moments (rather, episodes — it lasted close to 90 minutes) where it was a fish on every cast. You guessed it. I was using a floating line.

3 comments on “A Floating Line Myth. Sunk.

  1. Steve I’m with you…barely. I think it takes some skill and patience to use a floater and know the expectation and limitations. When I sell Striper outfits people expect intermediate line until they ask what I use. My answer is the same as yours but my reasoning is different. I put it in different terms they can understand and it goes like this. I can make a floater sink but can’t make a sinker float.
    That said and knowing where you fish and where I used to fish just south of you the method of swinging in current with Abrams fly and style does the trick. Problem further south with a 2 foot crest of whitewater that same line gets lifted and sometimes tosses your fly laterally. I don’t want to regret selling the wrong line to a chap and having them curse me when the swell swells. Can the average angler use a floater in the bay and sound. Hell yeah. Will they get their but kicked aND have their 45 foot Cast get turned into 25ft in the wash even before factoring a 10mph wind. Yes. Imagine that same angler with a 5 or 6 wt rig aND floating line and we’ve got ourselves a frustrated angler.

  2. Steve Culton says:

    I am pleased to see at least one person reading and thinking about this.

    What one person can do, another can do. The keys to the kingdom are tucked within the last sentence.

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