Getting Wet at UpCountry

It’s officially fly tying season, and we kicked off the festivities with a wet flies and fuzzy nymphs class at UpCountry on Sunday. A good group who came armed with many questions and even more enthusiasm. We managed to get through eight patterns covering soft-hackles, wingless wets, winged wets, and fuzzy nymphs. We’ll have an encore performance on Sunday the 8th, weather permitting. Thanks so much to everyone — you truly made the class an easy one to lead.

If you’ve signed up for the February 8th class, dress warmly. The tying room is a wee bit chilly.

All in a half-day’s work. Clockwise from far left: Beadhead SHPT, Dark Hendrickson, Partridge and Cahill, Drowned Ant, PWW wet (Magic Fly), Squirrel and Ginger, Ginger Caddis Larva, GRHE Fuzzy Nymph


Hope to see you this Saturday, February 7, at the CFFA show at Maneeley’s in South Windsor, CT.

9 comments on “Getting Wet at UpCountry

  1. Francis Doherty says:


    Francis A. Doherty


  2. Francis Doherty says:


    Thanks for a great class on Sunday. It was worth the drive from Darien. I appreciate your patience with my over-dressed flies. I spent many years in the Northwest tying big flies for Steelhead and Salmon, so going small is a whole new world. I got so much out of your instruction and look forward to your visit to the Compleat Angler toward the end of the month.



    Francis A. Doherty


  3. Price says:


    Thanks for the plug.

    Dan Price

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. John says:

    Steve- the fox squirrel patch I ordered made a huge difference. Longer guard hairs and no underfur. I’m ready.

  5. David machowski says:

    Hey Steve, long time fly guy,short time wets. I’ve been doing pretty well the last couple years useing my tfo10 ft 5 but it is a little heavy
    . For the housy and farmy what would be a better wet fly rod
    ? Swede swears by a drifter but looking for another’s opinion. Thanks

    • Steve Culton says:

      David, it’s hard for me to comment without holding your rod in my hands and giving it a cast or two. Your rod is such a personal choice. I have a 10′ 5-weight Hardy Marksman that I use on both those rivers and it works just fine. What I ask of a wet fly rod is: 10 foot, makes mending easy, makes casting easy, makes landing large trout in fast water easier.

      I don’t know what a drifter is.

      When you say the rod is heavy, do you mean weight in ounces or you’d rather have a 3- or 4-weight? Why not go to a shop and test cast some other options? You’ll know the right rod when you feel it.

      Hope that helps.

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