Odds and ends on a cold January night

I built a fire last night because I didn’t feel like turning on the downstairs heat. While an open fireplace is considered to be an inefficient method of heating, you can’t beat it for ambience. I did manage to raise the temperature five degrees, and it felt rather grand to stand on the hearth. No fire tonight, but I’m staying warm with a nice Italian red (Caparzo Sangiovese Toscana 2013, an absolute steal at $11.99).

Farmington River: If you’ve been out fishing, good on you. Me, I’m saving my chips for warmer weather. And transferring my fishing energy to tying.

Steelhead: There is a sense of derring-do about embarking on a single-digit temperature adventure, but see “Farmington River” above.  If you’re not aware, there’s been a fish kill this season on the Salmon River. Here is the latest theory: http://wrvo.org/post/fish-die-salmon-river-could-be-caused-vitamin-deficiency

Small streams: I’ve driven past a few, and after the last two nights they are looking more like frozen tundra than running water.

Stripers: I used to fish for them in January. Right now, the pragmatist in me is crushing the romantic. Not that the romantic really minds.

Currentseams: I see we have surpassed the quarter-century mark in followers. Thank you all for your readership and support. If you’re new, stop by and say hi. The shortest distance between two people is a hello.

I remember this day. It was about 400 degrees in the shade. Tonight, not so much.

Smallstream canopy

7 comments on “Odds and ends on a cold January night

  1. RMLytle says:

    The photo gave me a headache. At least we got a good run of weather into the end of December.

  2. Doesn’t Ben and Jerry make an ice cream called the Frozen Romantic?

    I know that people on the east coast throw flat wings for stripers, but they do a number on Pike in the midwest and big smallmouth like to whack the tar out of em from time to time.

    Enjoy your blog, one day I hope to make it out there, stand in the surf and thank the gods for stripers.

  3. Steve Rudolf says:

    Steve, enjoy your posts immensely. Tied some soft hackled ants, some with red floss between the peacock. will let you know how they do. (in July, not today)

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