200 Followers on Currentseams.com. This calls for a celebration!

Yippee! Currentseams now has over 200 followers. Thanks so much for your interest in the site. As always, I’ll do my best to provide you with more of what you like about currentseams.

Speaking of which, we’re going to celebrate with a little giveaway. The prize will be a selection of wet flies — or steelhead flies — or striper flies tied by yours truly. Winner gets to choose. Here are the rules:

1) No purchase necessary.

2) You must be a follower of currentseams to enter.

3) To enter, leave a comment on this thread saying you wish to enter AND tell me a little about what you like about the site, or would like to see more of. One entry per person. Deadline for entering is 11:59pm September 30, 2014. The winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be notified in the comments section of this thread, and will be responsible for sending me their address so I can ship the flies out.

4) All decisions by me are final.

Thanks again for reading.

38 comments on “200 Followers on Currentseams.com. This calls for a celebration!

  1. Frank Doherty says:

    Enter. What I like about the site is your enthusiasm!

  2. John says:

    I Always look forward to your stream side pictures of nature at its best. “Natura non fact saltum”

  3. Mike says:

    Steve , Congratulations on the success of your site. Keep going its great! I am a big fan of the wet fly for trout and I am hoping you will do a wet flys 101 in Ct soon. It’s your site so do what keeps you engaged I love all fishing with the fly. Also, please enter me in your celebration fly contest.
    See you at the Naugatuck TU event, I will introduce my self.

  4. Paul Gross says:

    I definitely want to enter. I’ve really enjoyed your blog, much better than trying to find your posts on various other websites. I particularly enjoy your striper fishing articles, both about the fishing itself and fly tying. I’d like to see more of those.

  5. ronfish6918 says:

    I wish to enter the giveaway. I enjoy your articles about wet fly fishing and the patterns you use. I just wish there was better trout fishing close to home. Ron

  6. Jim Cannon says:

    I just enjoy reading about any fly fishermans current experiences on the Housy and other CT streams. I enjoy anything about trout and your wet flies info has added another dimension to my fishing. Keep up the good work and please enter me in your fly contest

  7. Ray Hamilton says:

    Steve, please count me in. I look forward to any information that you send our direction on Currentstreams. I enjoy learning a little about where you fish and some of the techniques that you employ. I have tied the flies that you have posted since I have been reading the blog and fishing with them. I always like to learn more about effective flies. The archives are useful for many reasons. So, please keep this going.

  8. Zak Griefen says:

    I want to enter. I particularly like the fly tying posts with recipes and tips (and video! ). I would like it if you could post the full text of the articles that you occasionally reference as having appeared in regional magazines.

    Thanks and please keep up the great blog!


  9. David Bennett says:

    I would like to enter. Although I am not a salt water fisherman I enjoy your humor, information you impart on fresh water fishing as well as the humanity you inject ever so often. I do not have the capability to tie my own flies but am sure one of yours would help my trout river fishing. Cheers.

  10. Alton Blodgett, Lebanon, CT says:

    Please enter me. I must say I like your folksy, laid-back but humorous style. There is no ego showing through and , in fact, I like the fact that you say up front that you’re no expert. I was impressed by that and by your asking fishermen to report back if they try something out of the ordinary and it works. Nobody knows all the answers and we’re all learning as we go. In fact, doesn’t that make fly fishing even more enjoyable?
    Oh, and I also like to hear about the cigar of the day!

  11. Harry Kerrigan says:

    You can enter me also Steve – I really enjoyed your presentation at the CWCTU meeting last Thursday. I can’t tell you how much I learned. I’m just getting into tying wets and exploring your web site – again, more for me to learn, but so enjoyable. I would however, like to find pictures and recipes for your favorite wets on your site – I’m NOT at all computer literate so I’m sure finding them is “operator difficulty”, I’ll keep looking. Keep up the great work, we’re looking forward to seeing you again at a CWCTU meeting.

  12. don handal says:

    Currentseams has added a great deal to my fly fishing. I’m generally not a blog follower, but you keep me coming back with your wry humor and fascinating approach to fly tying and CT fishing. I am retired & live on Greenwich Cove and fish almost daily from April to Dec. Loved your Wet Flies 101 at Mianus TU. Keep up the good stuff!

  13. Chris Guiry says:

    Please count me in. Always good to hear about the dietary interests of fish and fishermen. As you point out, this is an appropriate time for the use of ritual tobacco in the quest for piscine quarry and to the irritation of our arthropod scourge. Your written accounts are as enjoyable as the digital images. Mentor and muse keep up the good work.
    Best, Chris

  14. John Burke says:




  15. Josh Kessler says:

    Count me in! Love reading the Farmington Reports and hearing about your striper fishing exploits.

  16. John says:

    Hi Steve, please enter me. I enjoy the mix of fresh and salt info as well as the fly tying. As a Connecticut native now living in Maryland, I also enjoy the Farmington River reports.


  17. Chuck says:

    I want to enter. While I do more salt water fishing, your posts remind me that are native wild trout in CT.

  18. Howard Geller says:

    Hi Steve, please enter me. I enjoy reading about the Farmington River as I am an east coast native now transplanted in Michigan. Love fishing with wet flies and have done lots of striper fishing all along the east coast. Will be getting back to the Farmington as my grandson is now a student at the University of Hartford. Tight lines. Howard Geller

  19. Jack Devlin says:

    Steve, I should like to be counted in your drawing.
    I follow Currentseams because I am originally from the East Coast and I enjoy your entries on Striped Bass and on the Farmington River where I have fished many times. Your flatwing flies are a favorite. Keep it going.

  20. Keith says:

    Steve – I enjoy reading your adventures in a nearby watershed I have never fished. Keep up the good work as it’s interesting to see what works in different streams.


  21. Gil says:

    Please sign me up. I’m learning a lot about wet fly fishing. I enjoy your write ups and photography. Wish you could give your wet fly presentation to my tying club in Philadelphia area.

  22. Richard "Dick" Heffernon says:

    Steve, great to see you reach this milestone and hope it continues to grow. I started getting interested in wet flies last year. I came across you blog and thought this is great, I’ve got a teacher.
    But you’re also just like most of us, not everything works all the time, so we all get to learn along with you. Thanks for sharing your expertise and continued wishes for success.

  23. Hey Steve – I’d also like to throw my name into the hat. I’ve followed your site for a few years now (using Feedly) and love your posts about tying wets and your Farmington reports. I like that you take the traditional flies and adapted them to your local river with minor tweaks. What I’d like to see more of? Your fishing methods and what happens between tying the fly and the pictures in your rogues gallery!

  24. Toby McAfee says:

    I really enjoyed your Wet Flies 101 talk at the Croton TU meeting last week and talking with you about fishing the Farmington before the meeting. Your talk brought the Am Angler article to life. Looking forward to tying up the 3 fly rig and trying it on the river. Please enter me in the drawing.

  25. Mike says:

    I’d like to enter. Just saw you at Croton TU meeting. Great site!

  26. Gary says:

    Enter. I really like to read your posts about tying and fishing soft hackles.

  27. Cliff Ponsock says:

    I want to enter. I like the soft hackle and nymph patterns.

  28. Tony M says:

    Hi, Steve – I’m in – (CVTU guy). Enjoyed your presentation to our chapter and you have converted me to 3-fly and shot-on-dropper trout fishing – to good effect!

    Really appreciate your updates on what works for you – I fish the Farmy, appreciate the wily trout there and can use all the help I can get. Keep up the great blog.

  29. RMLytle says:

    I would like to enter. I enjoy the regular Farmington River posts.

  30. Gary says:

    I would like to enter. I enjoy your adventures and the flies you use. How much do you charge to guide?
    Happy Hatches Gary

  31. Brian Labowsky says:

    Please enter me in the drawing. Your articles make me feel like I’m out fishing when life conspires to keep me off the river. I’d like to see even more “how to” articles. Thanks Steve

  32. Carl says:

    Please enter me.
    I love the blog,all the info and your sense of humor. Please keep up the great work.
    If you could work in some more steelhead info/ flies that would be great !

  33. Matt B says:

    Hi Steve – Happy to throw my magic hat into the ring – please enter me.

    There are many things that I love about Currentseams.com It contains a wealth of interesting, helpful, thought provoking and well written commentaries on the world of fly fishing. It is impossible to read a post without wanting to go out and fish and try something new. Thank you Steve!

  34. bancroftmatt says:

    Hi Steve – Happy to throw my magic hat into the ring – please enter me.

    There are many things that I love about current seams.com. The blog is a treasure trove of interesting, thought provoking and well written reflections on the world of fly fishing. It is impossible not to want to go out and fish and try something new every time I read a new post on the site.

    If I could ask for something more on the site I would say a few more fly tying videos would be incredibly helpful. However, I understand these are time consuming to make and post, and I don’t want to sound unappreciative for all of the great things that already there! Thanks Steve.

  35. Taylor Vavra says:

    Steve- Check your blog weekly and your doing a great job with every post. Keep them coming! Thanks!

  36. Steve Van Metre says:

    Bookmarked on my computer are……….
    Rays Fly/ homepage
    Bass Pond Forums. ……… And in that order. Even when I don’t get an email from your page I will go to it. The tying videos are wonderful and I love your photographs. I also love your short essays and reports which are very informative. I look forward to a new report/story. The site really projects your passion and love of the outdoors. Thanks for sharing!

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