Avoiding crowds, finding fish

You would have thought it was the weekend on the Farmington River Upper TMA. Mobs of anglers everywhere, eager to get their Hendrickson hatch on. Fortunately, Carl and his son Joel wanted to brush up on their wet fly technique today, so we were able to play keep-away from most of the crowd.  We found two spots that were not only productive, but also without another angler in sight. Both Carl and Joel are experienced fly anglers who took to the wet fly like they’ve been doing it for years.

Carl with a good bend in the rod. He worked hard for that fish — well done, sir.


Things got a little weird from the get-go. How about Hendrickson egg layers swarming at 9:30am, and a spinnerfall at 11am? Never seen that before. We found dozens of active risers that proved a challenge to hook. Both Carl and Joel solved the puzzle, though, and we were off to a strong start.

A handful of spinners. Scads of them in the film this morning.


We buzzed around the Upper TMA before ending the day on a section of river that rarely gets fished. Another good Hendrickson hatch, but this time precious little feeding on it. We still managed to get into fish.

Here’s Joel, net at the ready, about to savor another trout he put some serious time into fooling. Some fish don’t come easy, but when they do come, how sweet it is.


Today’s runaway favorite fly was a size 10 bead head soft-hackle Pheasant Tail. River was medium high at 575cfs, noon water temperature of 53 degrees. Glorious sunshine, solitude, and two fly fishermen that are now officially dangerous wet fly swinging machines. Thanks again, guys. You made my job an easy one.

Partake in this madness? Fuggedaboutit. We found our pleasures in water no one was fishing.


6 comments on “Avoiding crowds, finding fish

  1. Jim Smith says:

    Steve, Nice story line. I enjoyed it. As our fishing opportunities, here in Connecticut, continue to dwindle this is the kind of response we can expect. We must remember, too, that the Farmington is the very best we have. The “hordes” will only continue to grow.

  2. Steve Culton says:

    April and May are typically the most crowded times of the year on the Farmington. It is a great river, and we’re lucky to have her.

  3. Steven Rudolf says:

    Hi Steve,

    Jerry Rekart and I are scheduled to fish and learn wet fly fishing with you for a half day on Monday the 19th.  When and where shall we meet?    Looking forward to the day.

    Steve Rudolf

    • Steve Culton says:

      HI Steve,

      I had you guys down for a full day, but a half is fine, too. 🙂 I have your number, and will call you later this week. Figure 9-10am-ish start.

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