What goes up must come down

Last week’s rains are long gone, but their effects on the Farmington — and elsewhere — linger. As of 1:30pm today, the MDC continues to bleed water from the Hogback dam at 540cfs, making the water above Riverton uncomfortably high and cold. Add in the flow from the Still River, and the Upper TMA is cruising along at nearly 900cfs. This water is all fishable, but it is high, and as you can imagine it’s put a damper on dry fly activity. We’re supposed to get little in the way of rain this week, and I expect the flows to moderate over the next few days. In the meantime, subsurface presentations are creating the best opportunities for fly anglers. The Lower TMA is another story: nearly 1,900 cfs. Blech.

Even the mid-sized rivers nearby are still way up. The Mattabesset here in Middletown is flooding the low-lying plains, and is the color of chocolate milk. After cresting at 900cfs, the Coginchaug is down to 250 (60 is normal for this time of year).

And to think, this time last year the flows were low.

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