And, we’re underway

Kicked off my 2014 guiding season yesterday with Matt. Matt wanted to take my Wet Flies 101 half-day course, and we headed to the upper TMA in search of feeding fish. Two-thirds of nature cooperated; an absolutely glorious late April sunshine, and a snow flurries-like caddis hatch (with a few Quill-something mayflies and mounds of midges for good measure). Unfortunately, the third that really counts was in absentia. Not a damn riser anywhere. Nothing for the nymphers, and even the spin guy only managed one on his Rooster Tail. Off to below the upper TMA, where Matt rousted up a nice brown on a bead head soft-hackle Pheasant Tail. Speaking of Matt, it was gratifying to see how much he improved over the course of just a few hours. So often, you get out of something only what you put in, and he worked hard on his mending and wet fly presentations. By the end of the day, quality drifts were the rule rather than the exception. Well done, Matt!

Matt executing a mended swing, focused, intent, and best of all having fun.



After our session ended, we headed downstream where we found some fish willing to jump on. I also saw the first Hendricksons of the year, although two doesn’t make me do handsprings — and there was nothing rising to them. Not to be a wet blanket, but my enthusiasm is also tempered by the fact that we’re in for some cold, wet weather over the next few days. But come, they will.

An intriguingly marked rainbow that took my BHSHPT. Love the colors on the gill plate. Landed a nice wild brown as well, and LDRed a third. A fun way to end the day.



8 comments on “And, we’re underway

  1. John Jascot says:

    Yippee! See you Monday. Fishing’s been good to above average at the Salmon RIver. THe BH Ginger Caddis is producing nice rainbows.

  2. ray hamilton says:


    Nice post with Matt working on the wet fly technique. I am looking forward to the same experience next Thursday. Where am I going to meet you at 10 am that morning? I will be driving up from Stamford. Somehow I lost you phone number. It is likely here on your newsletter or web site but I have not seen it.

    Ray Hamilton 203-249-4483

    On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 2:00 PM, currentseams

  3. dumasmp says:

    I had a great time on the water with Steve. He is a pragmatic angler and applies basic principals that are easy to follow and apply. While he is very much focused on catching fish, I can tell that his own measure of success is determined by whether his client learns and applies what he teaches. This is more than a traditional guide service folks. I’m going to be a repeat customer still this spring once the Hendrickson hatch comes around. Thanks Steve.

  4. John Jascot says:

    The BH Ginger caddis worked its charms again under the 319 Bridge. Big RB. Solid strike with no indicator drag. Hendrickson’s came off around 2. Fish that were working seemed to be on the learning curve. Everyone did well. Hope for no major flooding this week. Looking for caddis green in angora but have yet to find any. Thanks Steve. Still working on my son to OK the date. Thanks!

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