Thank you, CFFA

“How many flies did you actually tie?” It was Ben Bilello, salmon fly tyer extraordinaire, who was doing the asking. “Two-and-a-half,” I said. “I only did one,” countered Ben. That’s kind of how these things (Fly Tyers’ Roundtable) go: lots of talking, very little tying. But, as the Al Franken-voiced Stuart Smalley might say, that’s OK.

Many thanks for the CFFA for inviting me to tie. Just as many thanks for everyone who stopped by my table to talk fishing, tying, and especially those who indulged me with tales of fishing glory.

I switched it up last night and tied some striper flies. These are Crazy Menhaden flatwing/soft-hackle hybrids.




3 comments on “Thank you, CFFA

  1. John Jascot says:

    Never fished salt H2O. We SCUBA dive from a boat moored at Cormorant Cove BI during the sprain/fall named BACCALA. If you see use there give me a call on the cell. See you Tues at TVTU. Slim pickings at the Farmington on Monday. Everything was below Collinsville.

  2. ray hamilton says:

    Steve, Great looking flies. I must find out when/where you will be tying the flat-wing flies in the future. Looking forward to fishing with you on May 1.


    On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 8:58 PM, currentseams

  3. Steve Culton says:

    Looking forward to Tuesday, John. Ray, I don’t know when the next flatwing thing will happen, but I’ll let you know here if it does.

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