Farmington River Mini Report 9/27/13: Like going into Wisconsin

I had just over two hours on Friday afternoon to scout some locations for Sunday’s gig. So I zipped in and zipped right out again. Speed fishing, if you like. Four different spots, all of which held fish that were eager to jump on the wet fly.

I’ve been seeing some creamy mayflies on the river the last couple weeks. A good size, about a 12, late afternoon. Apparently this fellow has been seeing them, too. 


As usual, I was fishing a three-fly team of wets. Today’s selection consisted of a size 10 Catskill on top dropper; a size 12 Pale Watery wingless wet in the middle; and a size 12 Hackled March Brown on point. I took trout on every fly. With the most recent stocking just weeks old, I was expecting to find plenty of newly released wards of the state. But no. It was all wild and holdover browns along with a few juvenile salmon sprinkled in.

I did have a curious catch, a silvery brown that looked unlike anything I’ve ever caught in the Farmington. At first its color suggested a juvenile salmon, but when I got it to net I saw that it had a flat tail and the eye/jaw placement of a trout. Few spots, but large and haloed like a brown. Could this be a sea-run trout? The sensible side of my brain said probably not. But the side that likes to dream swirled the notion around and tasted the possibility that it could be.

Notes: cloudy skies, air temps near 70. Water temp 60. A strong Isonychia showing. A few caddis, a few of those creamy mayflies, lots of midges. Little to no surface activity. The water levels are lower than normal; they’re drawing down the dam to complete an every-decade inspection of the pipes.

It’s getting to be peak color time on the Farmington.


4 comments on “Farmington River Mini Report 9/27/13: Like going into Wisconsin

  1. metiefly says:

    Hi Steve – did you manage to get a photo of the silver trout? I caught a sea run fish in the least likely of places earlier this summer… Would be great to compare them side by side to see how similar they appear. Best regards – metiefly

    • Steve Culton says:

      Unfortunately, the prisoner escaped while I was getting the camera out for a mug shot. Of all the fish to have that happen to!

      • metiefly says:

        Having seen where your river is on Google Maps, I believe it could well have been a sea run fish… Are there any major barriers downstream between you and the sea? You HAVE to catch another one… Then we can compare notes! Looking forward to more of your blogs in due course!

  2. Steve Culton says:

    There’s a dam downstream, but there is a fish ladder.

    Whatever it was that I caught, it was perfect and wondrous. I have the photo in my memory.

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