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One of the more rewarding aspects of being a part of the fishing-industrial complex is sharing experiences and information face-to-face with fellow flyfishers. Having spent years in the corporate/office gulag, I am quite familiar with the concept of “death by PowerPoint.” Rest assured, that’s not how I roll. I love speaking in front of a group, and my presentations are highly entertaining and interactive. For references and testimonials, please see the comments section below. To book an appearance, email me at swculton at, or call 860-918-0228.


NEW! (Winter 2020): WET FLIES 2.0

The long-awaited follow-up to Wet Flies 101, Wet Flies 2.0 takes a deeper dive into wet flies and wet fly fishing. Starting with the essential wet fly tackle and toolbox, Wet Flies 2.0 explores topics like matching hatches with wet flies (from caddis to mayflies to midges to stoneflies to terrestrials); searching tactics with wet flies; presentation and rigging options to match conditions and situations; fishing wet flies as nymphs or dry flies; wet flies on small streams; and much more!


NEW! (Fall 2019): THE LITTLE THINGS 3.0 LittleThings3.0 “The Little Things” series is one of my most popular programs. In this third installment, we cover more of the seemingly insignificant things that can have a huge impact on your catch rate. This is all new material, geared for both veteran and rookie fly anglers, covering fresh and saltwater, and popular species from trout to stripers to steelhead to smallmouth and more. Pay attention to the little things, and you may become one of the 10% who catches 90% of the fish.



Anyone can catch aggressive, willing-to-chase striped bass. But what about the stripers that are holding on station, feeding on a specific bait? What about the larger bass — those that are measured in pounds instead of inches — that are not willing to chase a stripped fly? Many of the answers can be found within traditional trout and salmon tactics. “Trout Fishing For Striped Bass” reveals that stripers behave very much like trout. By taking a more analytic approach to striper fishing, matching flies to bait, and harnessing the power of the floating line, anglers can present flies like the naturals the stripers are feeding on — and begin to catch the striped bass that everyone can’t.


THE LITTLE THINGS 2.0 LittleThings2.0

If you liked the original, you’re going to love the sequel. “The Little Things” (see below) is one of my most popular programs. It’s easy to understand why – we’re all looking for an edge when it comes to catching more fish. It is my firm belief that the little things are largely responsible for the fabled 10% of the anglers who catch 90% of the fish. “The Little Things 2.0” builds on the theme of seemingly insignificant things you can do make your time on the water more productive.


Little Things

THE LITTLE THINGS UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2017! Same basic content, but now with more video elements and animation. They say that 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish. If that’s true, it’s not because those 10% are supernaturally gifted angling demigods. It’s not because they are lucky. It’s because they do a lot of little things that other anglers don’t. As a guide, I have the opportunity to observe how people fish. I see their mistakes as well as their triumphs. When I’m fishing, I am constantly making adjustments and trying new approaches. That’s what The Little Things is all about – seemingly insignificant practices that can make a big difference in your fishing.



WET FLIES 101 UPDATED DECEMBER 2017! Same basic content, but now with more video elements and animation. Wet flies have been taking trout for centuries — and the fish aren’t getting any smarter. More and more anglers are discovering that a wet fly is often the best way to match a hatch. Explore the wonders of the wet fly as we cover basics like wet fly types, leader construction, where to fish wet flies, and how to fish them. 



THE EASTERN BROOK TROUT The only trout that is native to most of the eastern U.S., the brook trout (technically a char) has inspired generations of anglers with its stunning colors, aggressive nature, and often lovely habitat. We’ll cover the basics of small stream wild brookie fishing, from tackle to presentations to where to look for these precious jewels.


 Farmington River

WEST BRANCH OF THE FARMINGTON RIVER Updated in Fall 2019 with new video, photos, and content. We are truly fortunate to have one of the finest trout streams in the northeast here in our back yard. There’s something for everyone on the Farmington: classic dry fly pools. Mysterious pockets for nymphing. Spirited runs for swinging wets and streamers. A classic tailwater, the Farmington fishes well year round, and offers anglers an opportunity to catch stocked as well as holdover and stream-born wild trout.

20 comments on “Presentation menu for fishing clubs and events

  1. Alicea says:

    Steve gave a very entertaining and informative presentation to our TU Chapter. I received numerous positive comments and one of our attendees even said, “That is one of the best presentations we’ve had.”

    In addition to delivering a presentation that was well worth our expenditure, interactions with him are very professional. Too often, I have to jump through hoops (directed to websites to pick through bios and download my own photos) to get information for my promotional materials. Steve understands the meaning of customer service and professionalism and provides excellent materials upon request. Not only that, but he helps promote your meeting through his own blog and website. In essence, you’ll never say, “I can’t believe I’m paying this guy.” On the contrary, you’ll be happy you did.

  2. quinoaskier says:

    Steve presented to the NYC chapter of TU and the feedback was very positive. I got the opportunity to talk with Steve a lot through the night and he is a very engaging and interesting fellow. His approach is to make the evening fun and we appreciated his light heartedness balanced with great information about where to go on the Farmington. Sometimes it helps to have a little confidence in trying a new spot and Steve provided that for our members. I recommend having him speak at your event.

  3. rob says:

    So much passion in his presentation it was contagious. Steve, you did a thorough presentation and were fun and funny as well as informative!

  4. Dick Diamond says:

    Steve Culton is a frequent presenter at our regular monthly meetings of TU Narragansett RI Chapter 225. In the past, we have heard his focused insights on catching elusive Farmington River trout and learned his tactics and tackle rigs for fooling them with wet flies. Last night, we enjoyed hearing Steve’s more generalized presentation on “The Little Things” which collectively can improve one’s angling success on challenging trout waters anywhere around the globe. Steve always comes well supplied with samples of productive flies, insider tips on local waters and a wealth of detailed experience with which to answer questions from the floor. As ever, we are looking forward to hearing Steve’s next presentation in the near future.

  5. Alicea says:

    Steve (again) gave another great presentation to our TU chapter in October. His engaging style always draws a crowd. A biologist from DEEP Inland Fisheries even showed up because he had heard that Steve gives a such a good presentation.

    Steve is happy to share his knowledge and does so without a condescending attitude that often puts off those new to the sport of fly fishing. His presentation “The Little Things” offers advice for veteran fly fishers and newbies alike.

    We look forward to having him back again and again.

  6. Roger Plourde says:

    Steve gave a very nice presentation to the CFFA on Wed. His program was very good and he is a delightful speaker. Great job and very entertaining.

  7. Edward Janiga says:

    Steve was just at our monthly meeting of the Coastal Flyrodders. He did a wonderful job and was a good mix of education and entertainment! The title of the program was the “Little Things” and it was very well received by the group. He is fresh with some ideas and it is obvious that he enjoys these presentations. Different with some fresh ideas is a good thing in what can be a stagnant pond of presenters. Book him for your group!

  8. Jim says:

    Members of the Hammonasset Chapter of TU enjoyed Steve’s presentation of “The Little Things at our October meeting. He is always an interesting speaker with great interaction from those that attend.

  9. I Michael Postol says:


    We really enjoyed having you present to the Flyrodders last night. Thanks for making the long trip to Long Island. The accolades have been pouring in, saying what a great presentation you gave. We look forward to hearing “Little Things 2,” next year. And, we are honored to receive the highly coveted, “Legion of Cookout Merit.” Hope to see you on the river.

    Tight lines,


  10. Ken Arstark says:

    Sometimes when you anticipate something for a length of time, that something is anti-climactic once it actually occurs. HOWEVER, you, Steve, did not disappoint. “The Little Things” presentation to the Long Island Flyrodders last night was extremely well-received, as evidenced by the extended Q & A following. We all garnered many terrific tidbits that will make our angling experience that much more enjoyable and fruitful. On behalf of the Board of Directors and general membership. THANK YOU. We look forward to future engagements.
    Tight Lines,
    Ken Arstark

  11. KEN ARSTARK says:

    HEY STEVE- I had opportunity to put into practice several principles from THE LITTLE THINGS which I accrued just 2 days earlier. I was fishing the HOUSATONIC in MASSACHUSETTS on Thursday afternoon , just upriver from the town of Housatonic. First, I weighted my flies as you had suggested Tuesday eve and caught several fish immediately. In another instance, I saw a fish rise 3/4 of the way directly across river with several varying currents in between. Unable to properly mend my line to create a natural drift, I moved down river, CHANGING THE ANGLE, and brought that fish to hand.
    Thank you, again, for sharing your “truths” about fly fishing.

  12. Aram Berberian says:

    Steve recently spoke to the Connecticut Surfcasters Association at the Madison Surf Club. At first glance, it might seem an odd combination. But in fishing, and for those who love fishing, there are so many commonalities and nuances to learn and think about, that it is not so strange at all. Steve talked to us about “The Little Things” that make one a better fishermen. Those little things and that approach are pretty universal no matter your method or the species you seek.

    Steve had a great presentation, very well put together, very polished and informative, even for a bunch of surf rats like us. We had a fun evening and Steve’s talk was humorous and touched on other areas of life, beyond fishing. (Hard to believe, I know) . And the question and answer session was wide-ranging and excellent.

    For me, the really cool aspect was having him talk about making flies do certain things and then, in my own mind trying to conceive of a way to make a 3oz plug behave the same way. So his talk has lead me to thinking, and tinkering, which is a good thing, always. I would recommend Steve as speaker for ANY fishing club or group. You will find a few pearls.

  13. Luke Baranov says:

    I’m not sure I can make any better comments than have already been written above, but I’ll try anyway. What I CAN say at the risk of sounding trite is that Steve did not disappoint us! His Wet Flies 101 presentation was extremely informative AND interesting. His presentation style is entertaining as well. I would not hesitate at all to invite him to speak at future meetings. I have already recommended Steve to a friend at another TU chapter.

    Lucien Baranov
    Long Island Trout Unlimited

  14. Bob Lewis says:

    Last night we had Steve back for his 2nd appearance to the Cape Cod Flyrodders. He gave a 40 minute presentation titled, “Targeting Big Stripers From The Shore”. We had 41 members attending and they were very engaged and we had another half hour Q&A following. Steve offered many specific suggestions on when, where and how to target larger bass. This talk was debuted at the 2019 Marlborough Fly Fishing Show and our club was lucky to get the first presentation since the show. I have been scheduling speakers at our club for the past few years and I can highly recommend you consider Steve for one of your 2019 programs.

    Bob Lewis
    Cape Cod Flyrodders

  15. Gary Lussier says:

    We had another great presentation from Steve at the Thames Valley Trout Unlimited chapter meeting on Oct 15. This was his third time at our chapter and as always, he captivates the attention of the audience for his entire talk. If you haven’t heard his presentation on the Farmington River, you’re missing a great session. Whether you’re familiar with the Farmington or not, it’s both an informative and enjoyable presentation for all.

    After his presentation, Steve was available for discussion and questions for as long as we wanted. With his unassuming and approachable personality, Steve is just a pleasure to talk to. I would highly recommend him to anyone as a speaker or a guide.

  16. DON LaChance says:

    Steve did a presentation last night for our TU chapter. Subject matter was “The Little Things 3.0”. This was the first presentation of his new program and it was very well received, lots of positive comments.

  17. Steve recently presented at our club on fishing wet flies. He was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. Steve discussed the history of wet flies, types of flies, and fishing techniques. He was eager to answer questions afterwards and enjoyed talking about fly fishing. Steve decribes himself as a teaching guide and this was evident in his presentation. Tight lines….

    Capital District Fly Fishers

    Albany, NY

  18. Dan Wells says:

    We had Steve give his “Trout Fishing for Stripers” presentation at our February 2020 club meetup. The material was excellent and Steve keeps the presentation on track and very organized. Post meeting many members expressed to me that the content of “Trout Fishing for Stripers” was like a light bulb being turned on. Anglers now are planning to utilize this valuable information to catch more striped bass in the 2020 season and several already ordered floating lines…. Steve also very graciously donated four flies he talked about in the presentation as a raffle item for the meeting. He is a class act and his presentation is packed with valuable information explained in an easy to understand format.

  19. Hey Steve, thanks so much for a great September Zoom presentation to our Trout Unlimited Chapter (PWWTU). Over 60 of our members have viewed “The Little Things,” even after the call. We appreciate your guide expertise, tackle tips, and tremendous examples on the water. Hope we can get you back to speak again soon.

    Christian Shane
    Penn’s Woods West Trout Unlimited (PWWTU).

  20. Kim Merrett says:

    The Ottawa Flyfishing Society (Ottawa, Canada) invited Steve to be our guest presenter at our past club zoom meeting.
    We were pleased to be his first international group!
    The topic we chose was “The LittleThings »  or how small things can improve your catch rate. Our membership really enjoyed Steve’s no nonsense  approach.  Steve covered numerous examples of what may seem insignificant but separates those who are catching fish from those who are not!  We’ll all be watching what’s happening in our own backyards this spring.
    Thanks Steve for a great presentation
    John Flack and Kim Merrett \Ottawa Fly Fishing Society

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