A new feature in the current issue of The Flyfish Journal

The Currentseams word factory is on a bit of a roll here, with another contribution in The Flyfish Journal, Volume Six, Issue Four. It’s a concept piece called “Sorry, That Was Me…14 Writers Cop to Their Vices” (great idea, Steve Duda, and not just because you’re the editor). Bad habits, character flaws, personal issues — it’s all fair game and a fun read.

Look for it in your mailbox, and if you don’t subscribe, at a newsstand near you.

Flyfish Journal Vol. 6 Issue 4


In addition to yours truly, contributors include Steve Duda, Loren Elliot, Dominic Garnett, Andrew C. Gottlieb, Quinn Grover, John Holt, James Joiner, Joey Mara, Jason Lee Rolfe, Cameron Scott, Mike Seplak, Franklin Tate, and Mike Tea. Some good company.

FlyFish Journal Vices