What fly anglers can learn from Chili Davis

If you’re not a baseball fan, Chili Davis played in the 80s and 90s. (He’s currently the hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox.)

Back in the day, when getting a single hit off Doc Gooden was a feat in itself, Davis was asked how he managed to bat .500 against the young flame-thrower. Davis’ classic reply was,”He ain’t God, man.”

The same goes for famous fly fishing authorities. Just because Righty or BillyBang or whoever says you should use this, that or the next thing, or you should fish this way, or this is the way to tie that fly, or has written a book, or a bunch of magazine articles, does not necessarily make it so. They’re just people. And like you, they put their waders on one leg at a time.

By all means, read, listen, watch, and learn. Be open to new ideas. Try for yourself. But above all, channel your inner hippie and question authority.

And you can start with me.

The best anglers are often those who explore many ways, and discover what works for them.