Make your voice heard — sign the official ASGA Letter that calls on the ASMFC to initiate Addendum II

Apologies for the short notice, but this needs your attention today. It only takes a couple minutes. Here is the link to sign. And below is a simple outline of the issue from the ASGA.

ASGA believes that our striped bass fishery is at an inflection point: if action is not taken at the upcoming May meeting, the stock will not rebuild by 2029 and drastic measures may become warranted. We are calling on anglers, guides and business owners to join us in calling for the ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board to initiate Addendum 2 to Amendment 7 for striped bass.

It is clear that some areas experienced excellent striped bass fishing last year. The good fishing was a result of one of the most prolific year classes on record reaching maturity. This translated into over 35 million pounds of striped bass harvested coastwide. 

ASGA had deep concerns that the slot limit would fully exploit the robust 2015-year class when it was proposed. These concerns are now a reality. The 2015-year class is the last robust recruitment year. While the 2017 and 2018 year classes are average, there are four consecutive years of the lowest recruitment in recent history following. This leaves the stock and those that depend on a healthy striped bass population in a very dangerous place.

Amendment 7, which was just approved and implemented in May 2022, clearly states that the stock must be rebuilt within 10 years. This current rebuilding plan has failed. The 2022 MRIP harvest numbers showed that harvest doubled and decreased the probability of rebuilding to 14%. This is unacceptable to our community and clearly violates Amendment 7’s rebuilding provisions. 

The American Saltwater Guides Association will be submitting an official letter (PDF link) to the ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board on Tuesday, April 25th. 

We are asking only that the Striped Bass Management Board follow the rules it established. A new rebuilding plan that has a minimum of a 50% chance of success must be initiated, and those regulations need to be in place by the 2024 season. Addendum II would develop and institute new regulations, providing a better chance of rebuilding the stock by 2029.

2 comments on “Make your voice heard — sign the official ASGA Letter that calls on the ASMFC to initiate Addendum II

  1. Robert P Huddy says:

    Done. Thanks for sending the link Steve.

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