Which is it, Maryland DNR? Optimism or concern?

In case you missed it, the Maryland DNR just released their 2021 striped bass survey, and the news ain’t good. It’s actually pretty dire, as this chart shows.

You have to go all the way back to the disaster years of 1979-80-81 to find a worse three-year period on this chart.

In an article published by Chesapeake Bay Magazine, the DNR’s view of the recruitment situation is alternately described as “optimistic” and “concerned.” Huh? Which is it? Better still, why isn’t it “alarmed to the point of hyperventilation”? This is merely further evidence that some of the people in charge of striped bass conservation are at best fools, and and at worst, grotesquely incompetent.

Speaking of incompetent, the ASMFC Striped Bass Management Board is preparing to meet to discuss Amendment 7. Public comments will be needed in the next couple months, so stay tuned here for further information. We’ve got to keep hammering away, folks. The gods may not be able contend against stupidity, but perhaps a well-organized, highly motivated striped bass fan base can.

2 comments on “Which is it, Maryland DNR? Optimism or concern?

  1. Obie. says:

    From the data, it’s accurate to say this is a period of low catch. It’s also accurate to say the species has experienced similar periods of low catch in the past, and recovered.

    Manager’s reactions may have nothing to do with stupidity or incompetence.

    You may both be right.

    • Steve Culton says:

      Unfortunately, the last time the stats were this bad, it took drastic steps to help the fishery recover. It’s not going to get better on its own. Anyone who has witnessed or actively participated in the ASMFC process is all too familiar with their inability to effectively manage this fishery (incompetence, as dozens of species besides stripers under their watch are stressed or “status unknown”) as well as the unconscionable actions of certain rogue states (stupidity — or is it greed? — as New Jersey continuously wants to kill as many stripers as it can).

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