Not a bad day at the office

I’m currently building a new small stream presentation. That requires photos and video, and there’s only one way to get those. So off I went to Ye Olde Brook Trout emporium. The stream was running medium-low, crystal clear, and there were some leaves, but not enough to keep the char from slashing and crashing a bushy dry. I was happy with the footage I shot, but — darn — I need some more. God, I really love my job.

Not a bad day at the office.

8 comments on “Not a bad day at the office

  1. apurbano57 says:

    Jealousy abounds of “your office”

  2. Greg Tarris says:

    Somebody has to trudge out there getting bitten by mosquitos, watching out for ticks and lyme disease, mosquitos, avoiding stepping on rattle snakes, keeping away from poison ivy and not snapping that $400 sage fly rod on a vine. All in the name of providing us fair weather fisherman a chance to view the outdoors from safe distance. Thank you Steve!

  3. Bill Giokas says:

    Steve are you also working on fishing the Salt? Bill

  4. Jim Wilson says:

    One of your prior entry’s you mentioned Ken Abrams & his Salmo Saxatillis rod. I previously cast his rod — think a #1 at a Spey expo he put on 2010 or 2011 at the “canal”with a gent from “Speypages” – threw most of the fly line. Called Saltwater Edge – they had his rods and ordered #1 – what a stick! Put on a Teeny 300 gr sinker. Could’ve gone to 400 gr, but it threw the 300 pretty well in the yard. Going to the coast this coming week to chuck it in the water with a flat wing. Thanks for your article.

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