RI Striper Report 9/6-7/21: Tons of bait. Ounces of bass.

I fished the last two evenings at various marks in SoCo and enjoyed….not a touch. Well, that’s not entirely true. I felt every weed that brushed against my three fly team. Last night I accidentally snagged a few small menhaden. But nothing living that could be measured in pounds came in contact with my fly.

I fished inside a breachway in moving water, incoming and outgoing; in a pond area of an inflow; off a jetty; and from the beach. Not even a courtesy tap. I saw and heard a few stripers, but they were small and their presence fleeting, and I never really had a good shot at a target. Bait, on the other hand — wow! Masses of bait everywhere. Silversides, menhaden, and mullet in mother lode Vegas jackpot numbers everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such immense, dark clouds of menhaden.

The fighting is rounds. This was round one.

I’ll take menhaden. Look for an upcoming article from me in Field & Stream on matching fall run bait with classic striper flies.

12 comments on “RI Striper Report 9/6-7/21: Tons of bait. Ounces of bass.

  1. rich rubin says:

    Heard there were acres of bass off of Naps feeding on peanuts

    Good health is true wealth

  2. Bill Giokas says:

    The same story is happening on the Outer Cape . The Bass are gone. The only bright spot is an occasional Albie blitz. I think the season is done . Bill

  3. Mike says:

    I guess we where in the same boat, well not literally but I was on my boat. We covered Stonington to PT Judith and back and not a shot at the Big three.
    Yes tons of bait mostly peanuts.
    It has to get better soon🥴

  4. paul cuzzupe says:

    hi steve, i enjoy your reports, i have experienced similar situations . i fished this past weekend, masphee, and boston, 10 hours on the boat, 2 schoolies. Tons of bait. if i was live lining pogies i would have increased my odds , but i prefer to fly fish. i have been fly fishing for 50 years, i have seen the demise of our cherished resouce diminish exponentially over the years to the point that the start of the fall run looks as bleak as ever. i even have a commercial friend who has finally admitted that the comm. harvest has to stop. hopefully marine management will smarten up, however the damage is done. keep up the good work, your reports are good documents of proof. thanks ,Paul

    • Steve Culton says:

      Thanks for reading and responding, Paul. I knew I was likely in for a tough time Tuesday night when I visited an incredible popular mark and there was….no one there. Word gets out about bites, hot or cold. There are some bass to found — I know a couple surfcasters in CT who scored some big bass earlier this week — but I haven’t found them. Yet. 🙂

  5. Bill Giokas says:

    Wild guess , do you think all the fresh water from Ida sent a message to the bass that it’s time to leave? Bill

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