Time to tie up some September Nights

Stripers love finger mullet, and I love this finger mullet fly. You’ll find the September Night pattern in Ken Abrames’ classic Striper Moon, and now right here. (And, of course, in my 2015 American Angler article Soft Hackles For Striped Bass.) I was already planning on making this post today, and when I spoke with Ken an hour ago he — unprompted — mentioned that it was indeed September Night time. To the bench!

Ken Abrames’ September Night

Hook: Eagle Claw 253, 1/0-3/0; Thread: white 6/0; Tail: 30 gray bucktail hairs, then two white saddle hackles tied in flat, then two strands silver Flashabou; Body: silver braid; Throat: sparse, long white bucktail tied as a 3/4 collar, both sides and bottom; Collar: white marabou, folded or doubled 3-4 turns; Wing: 30 long white bucktail hairs, then 15 purple bucktail hairs, then 2 strands blue Flashabou, then one natural black saddle hackle.

6 comments on “Time to tie up some September Nights

  1. Dave Studeman says:

    Thx Steve, great pattern!

  2. David J. Lee says:

    My top producing Flattie . I use different colors of flash , change the collar color sometimes , and use Purple Polar Bear in place of the Purple Bucktail . It could be the perfect Flatwing platform to start with .

    • Steve Culton says:

      I’ve tied it with a ginger collar.

      • David J. Lee says:

        After seeing your Ginger-collar version , I tried U.V. pale Yellow , and it worked well . I consider the September Night my ‘Live Bait’ fly – when the tide isn’t running …. I can still pitch it out near Mangrove roots , or in to a deep pool , and do nothing (other than a light twitch every 30 seconds or so …) . Fish still find it and eat it under those conditions . It’s likely the only fly that I have found that will turn on negative/neutral Fish . I think that they just can’t stand it hovering in their Faces …. breathing away .

      • Steve Culton says:

        Good stuff, David. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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