Happy Independence Day (with some bonus fireworks)

Happy Birthday to the United States of America. I hope you’re have a safe and fun Fourth of July; maybe you’re getting together with family, or perhaps you’re out on the water. To help you celebrate, here’s bonus from the archives: the Olive Fireworm Big Eelie variant. This is my traditional 4th of July favorite sand eel pattern. Tie some up, and let the fireworks begin!

Boom. Ooh. Ahh. Ohh.

2 comments on “Happy Independence Day (with some bonus fireworks)

  1. Andrew Rosengarten says:

    Happy 4th. of July. Thank you for all of the help and information that you provide via your Blog. As a person starting to learn how to tie Flat Wing flies, I have found your site to be most informative nd helpful.
    As I live in British Columbia, I tie them up for Bull Trout and Salmon and this coming Fall I will tie a few up to try on Steelhead in the Skeena and Buckley River Systems, and as well those Salmon and Steelhead rivers close to home/

    Anyhow, the question for today is: Are you able to post what a Ken Abrams Indigo Squid looks like and the Tying recipe is? I have located the the Squid Patterns that you listed in a previous article. However, the Indigo Pattern has proven to be most difficult to locate.

    Kind Regards,

    • Steve Culton says:

      Andy, thanks so much for your post and your kind words. I’m glad you’re finding sweet water uses for flatwings. Ken would like that, too. Your mention of the Indigo Squid is hilarious because I have been very recently thinking of tying that up and posting it on my site. I don’t know that I’ll get to it imminently but I think sometime this summer is doable. As you might imagine, the Indigo Squid uses all kinds of purples and dark blues. Same use of pheasant and jungle cock. Picture the Mutable Squid in those colors and you can see where Ken was going…

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